Tuesday Morning 1st August Fur Tor

Lane End Car Park for the start.

Over  the leat and up to Ger Tor

Fantastic view - towards Great Mis Tor...

...and Hare Tor

On to Tavy Cleave Tor - looking back to Ger Tor...

...and down into Tavy Cleave

Across to Deadlake Foot and down to...

...the ford

Tavy Cleave

The huts on Amicombe Hill

Over to the River Tavy with Fur Tor just visible

The river crossing at Sandy Ford

Up to Fur Tor - the Queen of Tors.

The view towards Yes Tor

Towards Great Links Tor

Towards Great Mis Tor

Towards Great Links and Yes Tor on the right

Then back to Sandy Ford

Some were going for a dip in the river - I left the group to return.

With Jon, Tylo, Stella, Mike, Brenda, Jane, Terry, Charlie

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