Wednesday 27th July Great Mis Tor

Out from Four Winds to take the track up to Great Mis Tor.

The view across to the left showing Staple Tor and Roos Tor.

On top

Looking down the Walkham Valley,,,,

....across to White Tor.

Around Great Mis and back to the stile just below Little Mis Tor.

Down to the River Walkham and up to Little Roos Tor - this is looking back at the route down.

Up to Roos Tor and just as we got on top the setting sun appeared from under the cloud.

A coffee break and then down to Merrivale before returning to the cars via the Merrivale Stone Rows.

On to the Whitchurch Inn, which was very quiet. With Raz, Stella and Jon.  Also joining us for the first time John and Jill.

Tuesday 26th July - Steeperton Tor

Starting from Belstone Green on a dull morning. Down the path to the foot bridge. From here you can just make out Ottery Tor on the sky line.

Gently up to the boundary stone where we turned right towards Cosdon Beacon.

It always seems to take longer than it should to get to the top. Waterproofs on for a while as the mizzle came in.

Cosdon Beacon

Down towards the stone circle.

Steeperton Tor on the right. Hound Tor, Wild Tor and Hanginstone Hill off to the left.

Steeperton Tor and we took one of the steeper routes up to the top!

Looking across Taw Marsh.

Lunch on top.

Along the ridge towards the range hut.

Then a direct route down towards Taw Marsh.

Across the stones.

Along the valley bottom for a while before going up to Higher Tor.

Looking back to Oke Tor and Steeperton.

Over to Yes Tor.

How to split a granite stone. Someone worked hard on this!

Belstone Tor

Irishman's Wall

Then down and past the tractors. With Stella, Brenda, Anne, Jon, Peter and Charlie.

Saturday 23rd July - To Princetown

A walk from home to Princetown. Overcast but very warm. Out along the cycle path.

To Yelverton.

Along the main road for a short distance before turning up Lake Lane. This took me on to Yennadon Down.

Up through the woods and out onto......

..... Peak Hill.

The weather started to brighten up a little. This is looking across at Burrator Reservoir, not as full as it should be.

I headed between Sharpitor and Leather Tor.....

... down to the corner of the forest.

Down again to the leat....

...past Black Tor Falls.....

....and through the Ford.

Up to Hart Tor passing this couple on the way up (the only people I saw whilst on the moorland part of the walk).

Looking back towards Leather Tor and Sharpitor

Across to the newly refurbished path which goes out past South Hessary Tor. The prison is clearly visible.

Through Princetown to find my lift home waiting.

Wednesday Evening 20th July - Yes Tor

We started from the car park at Meldon, crossed the dam and turned left to follow the track going north and around Longstone Hill.

Then dropping gently down the valley to a little stream which flows into the Red-a-ven Brook. Back along the other bank to join and follow the Red-a-ven Brook upwards.

Eventually emerging on the open moorland north west of West Mill Tor.

Yes Tor in the distance.

Looking back down the higher part of the Red-a-ven Brook as the sun got lower in the sky.

Through the boggy bit - where the bog cotton grows well at this time of the year.

The sky started to break out below the bank of cloud.

Then a direct line up the much steeper bit to Yes Tor.

We arrived  at the top of Yes Tor  as the sun finally broke out below the cloud bank.

We had been sheltered from the wind coming up on the leeward side of the Tor. Once on top in the exposed wind it was much cooler and everyone rapidly applied additional layers. A few spots of rain and the Dartmoor mist started to roll in over High Willhays.

We returned to the leeward side of the Tor for our coffee break. West Mill Tor in the distance.

Taking a direct line we were soon down again and as darkness descended over the reservoir

Our appointed pub for the evening was the Bearslake Inn but it was closed and so it was on to the Fox and Hounds.

With Mike, Stella, Brenda, Jon, Kevin, Pete and Terry.