Wednesday Evening 26th June Peter Tavy

By now the sun was out for a beautiful evening walk from Peter Tavy.

We took the footpath up from the village to the old swimming pool - Charles knows someone who actually used this to go swimming (a long time ago)

Then the first steep bit up to Great Combe Tor.

The view across to White Tor...

...and Boulters Tor. 

Ahead of us Sharp Tor and whilst we went around it the wrong way we still ended up in the right place.

Then down again.

White Tor our next destination.

Through the ford and looking back at Cox Tor.

Then up the second steep bit with Roos Tor and Staple Tors in the distance.

None of us had seen this particular sign before on top of White Tor. Why is it put up behind the rock.

We stopped here for our break as the cloud suddenly and without warning came in...
...but this is what happens on Darmoor!

With Tom, David, Mike S, and Charles.

Wednesday Morning 26th June Combestone Tor

A duller morning today but very warm and humid

We set off downhill from Combestone Tor..

...taking the track down to Combestone farm.

Following the footpath east above the River Dart valley - ahead of us on the other side of the river is Mel Tor where we were yesterday.

On towards Bench Tor but first...

...we have to go over the dam at Venford reservoir...

...which given all the rain we have had this year seemed to be surprisingly low.

Then up to Bench Tor...

...with fine views over the River Dart

Back towards the far end of the reservoir and over this unusual section of a leat.

Just a bit up and down around the reservoir.

Then over the open moor looking for a stone row, which doesn't appear to be there, before arriving at Horn's Cross and a short walk down to the cars.

A good lunch in the Forest Inn at Hexworthy.  With Ian

Tuesday 25th June Bel Tor Corner

A bright warm sunny morning as we assembled at Bel Tor Corner.  Clear views in every direction and we hardly need to do a walk to enjoy the scenery,

Looking towards Ripon Tor...

...and over to Pupers Hill and Snowdon.  At last the moor is going green again.

We set off towards Mel Tor.

Soon we were on Dr Blackall's Drive high above the River Dart.  Dr Blackall lived Spitchwick Manor and had the drive constructed so that he could enjoy views of Dartmoor in his carriage.

Looking west along the Dart valey...

...and back to Mel Tor, with Sharp Tor behind and Dr Blackall's drive on the right.

Down to Leigh Tor...

...a popular climbing area behind with children from High Wycombe.

We arrived at Spitchwick Lower Lodge and opposite is this old suspension bridge. The gates are locked and even if they weren't you probably wouldn't feel safe crossing it.  Holne Chase is a woodland area which appears to be out of bounds.

I have no idea how the bridge came to be constructed - just wondered if this was something else that  Dr Blackall had constructed.

We followed the river upstream to this popular beauty spot which is just along from New Bridge.

Then around the bottom of Lower Hannaford and up the steep bit past Deadman's corner and back towards Aish Tor.  Something caught the eye (and no this photo isn't posed).  We stopped near here for our picnic.

Up some more...

...and back to Dr Blackall's drive...

With the Dartmoor foals...
...and then we met Ben who has had a medical problem with his eyes and has to wear sunglasses to protect his eyes.

With Terry, Rosemary, Roger, Brian and Charlie.

Wednesday 19th June Easdon Tor

Just for a change in summer time we had a fine summers day.  This was followed by a fantastic summer evening for a walk on Dartmoor

We started from the road just below Hayne Down.  Up above us we could see a good profile of Bowereman's Nose.

We headed across Cripdon Down and through a patch of gorse.  No problem with this unless you happen to be wearing sandals!

The view across to Hound Tor with Haytor Rocks behind.

Yes,  after a gap of seven months - he is back with us and promising to attend regularly again!

Easdon Tor in the distance and our next destination along the Devon lanes.

On Easdon Tor Mike tests to see if  this is a logan stone.

From Easdon Tor with Moretonhampstead in the distance.

The sun goes down... the moon appears over Bowerman's Nose.

Then to the Rugglestone Inn.  On the way home we see the rare sight of a deer crossing the road near Dartmeet.

With Mike and Tom.

The Route 8.05Km 2hrs 14min Av speed 3.6 km/h