Thursday 29th December Chinkwell Tor

The weather forecast was wrong.  It was meant to be blustery showers and sunny periods but, for this family walk, we actually got high winds almost continuous rain and no sun. So off we went from Top Tor car park along the ridge towards Chinkwell Tor

First past Bonehill Rocks...

...and then Bell Tor

With a little deviation to find Sharp Tor

Looking back at Bell Tor...

...and on to Chinkwell Tor

Looking across to Honeybag Tor.

 Back down to the Hound Tor Road  to find one of the bits of Holwell Rocks...

... and on to Hound Tor.

Down past Greator Rock.

With Haytor and  Holwell Tor in the distance. 

Down to Becca Brook and then the slog up to Smallcombe Rocks

Across the tramway to the main Haytor Quarry.

Then back to the second car at Haytor Vale before adjourning to the Widecombe Inn for some refreshment

Wednesday 21st December Pew Tor

It came to pass on the shortest day of the year, that 11 wise people did climb up to the summit of Pew Tor.  They did sing their hearts out.  And at some point during the evening everyone did sing all the right notes -  but not necessarily at the right time.  They enjoyed such wonderful treats as mulled wine, sausage rolls, crips, cheese and mince pies, but most of all they enjoyed good company.  Then some bright star mentioned the pub and as suddenly as it started, it was over and they followed him all the way there.


Tuesday 20th December White Tor

A gloomy start but at least it wasn't raining!  Starting from Pork Hill car park and a good place to blow away the cobwebs - straight up to Cox Tor.

On Top for a short pause.............then down to the footpath by Wedlake..............with Bud and Brian on an easier route around Cox Tor

On to Stephen's Grave. This marks the spot where a George Stephen was buried about 300 years ago.  He lived in Peter Tavy and following a broken heart he took his own life. He could not be buried on consecrated land so he was taken to this remote spot to be buried.

Unusually, there were fresh daffodils on the stone.  Then we noticed there was a lot of grey powder around and we could only assume that someone's ashes had been scattered here very recently.

On top of White Tor

The sunshine came out for a short while and it was time for the walkers Christmas Party - with crackers......cheese.....
.crisps......mince pies...
 ...and a nice cup of hot mulled wine...what more could any one ask for!!

From White Tor towards Roos Tor and Staple Tors

Looking the other way towards Ger Tor, Hare Tor and Great Links Tor

The way back - up to Roos Tor

Staple Tor from Roos Tor

On the way down from Roos Tor

On the walk today Charlie, Roger,  Terry, Rosemary, Bud and Brian

Sunday 18th December 2011 Ted Hughes Memorial

A longer solo walk on a cold winters day to find the Ted Hughes Memorial.  A heavy frost overnight and an early start from Belstone with the forecast of showers.

The route out was over Belstone Tor.

 So early in fact that the moon was still out!

Belstone Tor.

Towards to Steeperton Tor with Hanginstone Hill in the distance.

Steady on mate I live here!

 .. Yes Tor and High Willhays with a dusting of snow.


Irishman's Wall with Taw Marsh below

Following the ridge line over Oke Tor in the middle distance.

Looking back to Cosdon Hill.

The track down to the ford below Steeperton Tor..

 ..and the ford - couldn't risk getting wet feet when the weather was so cold - so found a crossing place upstream..
 ..the military track was just sheet ice - didn't enjoy that bit!


Looking back to Steeperton Tor.

This is the place - a beautiful remote and desolate area of the moor - Taw Head is in the distance.

There is more information about this here

  ....and another hail storm closes in!

From here across to the ridge line between Hanginstone Hill and Wild Tor and on to...

Wild Tor with Steeperton Tor in the distance...

...Watern Tor

...across to Kestor Rock.

Over to Belstone Tor with Taw Marsh below.

Along to Cosden Beacon with yet another hail shower coming in.

Finally back down to Belstone.

Why have a photo of one rainbow when you can have two!