Tuesday 8th August 2017 Buckland Beacon

Starting from Top Tor car park - this was the view towards Chinkwell Tor but we went the other way today. To Top Tor,  Pil Tor.....

...and down to Tunhill Rocks

Widecombe-in-the-Moor in the valley below.

Corndon Down in the distance.

Around the edge of Pudsham Down to Ruddycleave Water.

Over Buckland Common to Buckland Beacon.

The view out to Teignmouth

And the recently refurbished Ten Commandment Stones

Back past Wells Tor and good to see the heather coming out.

Past Lucy's spiral and Blackslade Ford

Back to Pil Tor.

Lunch in the very busy Old Inn in Widecombe. Good they were geared up for the volume as the food came out very quickly. With Terry, Brenda, Charlie and Jane.

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