Tuesday 30th July Dunnabridge Pound (again!)

Good to have Colin and Amber back with us.  Off up the same track as last week.  Heavy rain at first but soon it calmed down.

We headed towards Laughter Tor - Bellever Tor in the distance.

The view across to Fernworthy Forest.

On the top of Laughter Tor...

Amber and Colin try the wortle berries.

Down to the track by Laughter Hole Farm and along to Bellever...

...and back into the forest - now humid and sticky.

Through the trees, into the clearing and...

...back over Bellever Tor.

Looking back down the middle.

On to the cars and the usual excellent lunch in the Prince of Wales.

With Charlie, Brian, Colin, Amber and Roger and Chris in the pub.

Wednesday 24th July Dunnabridge Pound

Another hot day and superb weather as we set off up the track past Dunnabridge Pound.

To Brimpts North Tin Mine - once a place with a lot of activity as described on...

...this interesting notice board.

We changed direction towards Huckaby Tor...

...and then headed to the mine trail within the woods.

Following the trail down through the woods to Brimpts Farm...

...coming out the other side in the valley of the East Dart River.

The track led down to the first set of stepping stones...

...over a small clapper bridge and...

...into the hamlet of Babeny - looking across to Yar Tor

Out on to the open moor towards the stepping stones by Laughter Hole House

Looking back down the East Dart Valley.

Over the second set of stepping stones.

Crystal clear water.

By the stepping stones Anne identified these Damsel Moths.

Up and out of the forest and back to the start.

A really good lunch in the Prince of Wales.

With John, Tom and Anne

Tuesday 23rd July Harford Moor Gate

It was supposed to be the day after the heatwave and to be fair it was a bit cooler at first and a moody mistiness as we set off from the car park taking the foot path up to...

...Spurrell's Cross as the sun started to break through off the moor.

We followed the path up to Beacon Rocks on Ugborough Beacon.

Our next destination was Butterdon Hill and Western Beacon but first we went over to...

...the Cairns and then down to...

...Creber's Rock.

On to Butterdon Hill and the view north towards Sharp Tor and Three Barrows.

Roger and Chris coming up  Western Beacon with Butterdon Hill behind.

We had our picnic in the quarry on Western Beacon with this view over Ivybridge. By now the mistiness had gone and the heatwave was back - it was hot in the sun!

Then down...

...past some very, very black sheep...

...with the ridge line of Penn  Beacon and Shell Top in the distance.

We picked up the old rail track for a short while before cutting down to...

  ...Butter Brook below the reservoir in the trees...

...to the ford.

With Charlie, Roger and Chris - Terry is on his charity walk around the Cornish coast.

Wednesday 18th July Bellever

Another glorious evening, clear views, dry underfoot and hot.

Some people do and some people don't and clearly David does!

Out through the woods and into the grassy bit than runs between.

Bellever Tor comes into view.

The path up is usually wet and muddy - but not today dry and dusty and a very pleasant change

Towards Ter Hill...

...across to Laughter Tor

Then down around and back to the forest....

...and children having fun near the car park area.

Then back up the steeper bit - but what is the other side of the gate...

...a tiny and cute little foal!

We stopped at the appointed place to listen for the Night Jars before returning to Postbridge...

...with the moon coming up between the trees.

With John, Charles, David, Anne and Mike