Wednesday 29th May Belstone

We started from Belstone on our annual trip to the top end of the moor.  After a bright sunny morning the cloud had come in and we set off down the lane...

...where there is this dry stone wall but with a wooden top!

Soon we came out at the beginning of Taw Marsh.  Steeperton Tor stands tall overlooking Taw Marsh.  Oke Tor is on the right.

We went to have close look at this disused underground water plant which was built as a result of the 1959 North Devon Water Act when permission was given to extract water from Taw Marsh.  The problem was that there was too much radon gas in the water and this plant was built to aerate  the water and remove the radon gas.

Skylights illuminate the underground plant

It looks like most of the plant is still intact - this photo is taken through on of the two entrances at each end.
This one is taken looking down into the workings through a broken skylight

We followed the track which led up to Oke Tor.

Looking across to Metheral Hill

On to Oke Tor where...

The military, complete with machine gun were having a training exercise, having established a good look out position on top of the tor.

Looking south from Oke Tor towards Steeperton Tor.

Our route back was along the ridge line with Knattborough Tor in the foreground and Belstone Tor in the far distance.

To the west the sun was setting over Cornwall as the rain came down on us for the final part of the walk... The Tors in Belstone.

With John, Jon, Pete, Mike and Nigel

Wednesday 22nd May Bluebells in Burrator Woods

It is the season for bluebells -  a little later this this year due to the very cold winter.  We set off from the green outside the Royal Oak at Meavy.

Along to the ford where, as we went over the stepping stones, we were overtaken by a horse rider.

Soon we were in the woods and the bluebells were brilliant.

Out of the woods and on to Sheeps Tor...

...where we took a break on the side of the hill.

Next we were on top and before we knew it...

...we were going down again! 

Given the amount of rain over the winter it was surprising to see the level of water in the reservoir was well down.

The road over the dam was closed to vehicles - a team from Birmingham were filling in the pot holes.

We returned to Meavy along Drake's leat.

It was just about warm enough to sit outside the Royal Oak for lunch.

Our approximate route can be viewed by clicking HERE  (Note this will open getamap up in a separate window - click on 'Leisure' to change the map to a normal ordnance survey map)

With Sue, Keith Anne, Jon, Ian, Bill, Pete and Kath.

Tuesday 21st May Hound Tor

To Hound Tor car park on the other side of the moor. This is often an 'honeypot' and so it was this morning with a large group of walkers getting ready.  There was a heavy mist and as we walked up the hill as Hound Tor emerged.

Down the track beside Greator Rocks...

...and through the Medieval Village...

...before going down the steeper slope to the clapper bridge over Becka Brook.

Out of the woods and we followed the path north towards Leighon and then came back...

...due south  up Black Hill with Easdon Tor on the left and Manadon on the right.

By now the mist had gone and we had clear views towards Hunter's Tor.

On to the cairn on top of Black Hill.
In the distance was Haytor Rocks - looking a bit sinister in this zoomed in photo.

Along the ridge to Smallacombe Rocks and the large group of walkers had made it up here.

Holwell Tor quarry in the distance.

We headed towards Haytor and then followed the granite tramway for a while.

Haytor was on our left but we didn't go there today.
We went down around Holwell Tor and out of the wind for our picnic.  It was Rosemary's birthday and to celebrate she provided some nice cookies!

Next back down the valley... re-cross the Becka Brook at this delightful spot.

Up again through the bluebells.

Looking back to Holwell Tor...

...and the ridge line we had walked earlier.

On to the eventing field at Holwell Lawn.

Finally back over Hound Tor.

With Rosemary, Terry, Linda and Charlie.