Friday 29th September Cuckoo Rock - and an Indian Summer!

A very hot day. Something was going on - no less than 3 National Park Rangers in the car park.
A short solo walk from Norsworthy Bridge but with spectacular views all around.  Starting with the track to Deanscombe past one of the many farms abandoned when the reservoir was created.

Looking back to Sheeps Tor

To the abandoned farm of Deancombe.

 Cuckoo Rock ahead.

Time to linger for a while just to enjoy the views...  to Sheeps Tor

....Gutter Tor

Then on to Combshead Tor looking over to Leather Tor and Sharpitor...

 ..and across to the many tin workings at the top of Deancombe

..with  Down Tor on the right

Next over to the stone circle and the long stone row...

.... looking back to Combshead Tor

Then on to Down Tor looking to Leedon tor, Swell Tor and Foggintor quarries with Staple Tor in the far distance.

Back across to Crazy Well Pool and Cramber Tor.

Finally back to Norsworthy bridge and Burrator reservoir.

27th September Gutter Tor

A hazy misty morning to start with on the higher parts but very mild. From the car park up to Gutter Tor.

Looking across to Sheps Tor

Joined today by my old friend Joe

Whilst waiting at the car park one of us had seen some young soldiers doing 'Star Jumps' on Gutter Tor and still believing he was in the Royal Marines he had to have a go as well!

From Gutter Tor looking across at the River Plym...

..and over to Trowlesworth Tors

A team photo by Ditsworthy Warren House.  No trace at all that Speilberg had ever been here

  Looking towards Lower Hartor Tor

The tallest standing stone on Dartmoor.

Onwards to Lower Hartor Tor..

..and across to Plym Steps.

Finally on Lower Hartor Tor.

Then across to Higher Hartor Tor and towards Eylesbarrow.

Crossing over one of the wet bits.

Finally arriving at Eylesbarrow. 

Down hill from here!

Looking across to Combshead Tor and Down Tor with Sharpitor in the distance.

 Towards SheepsTor and Burrator.

Thats the way to do it!

And so to the Royal Oak.

Walking today Bud, Brian, Charlie, Terry, Rosemary, Linda and Joe.

PS you may have noticed this new walking gear on an earlier photo, so just what are they - special long-lasting waterproof underwear?    No.  Just the latest in elegant knee supports.

Sunday 25th September Double Waters

A solo walk from home.  From the Old Station and along the old railway line and over the small bridge in the Harewood Planatation.

To the newly created viewing area looking out over Horrabridge towards Ingra Tor.

A little further to Brunel's magnificent 'Magpie' viaduct...

...from the viaduct towards Roborough Down.

The track ahead is closed while the new Gem Bridge is being built so a little diversion..

.. and a view of the new bridge taking shape

Next up through the woods..

..on to the moor...
...and then down the very rough track to...

Grenofen bridge.

Follow the track alongside the river for a while.

Continue past the old mine workings

Until you get to Double Waters where the river Walham comes in from the right to meet the river Tavy    
 The bridge over the River Walkham.

Follow the track for and then go up the really steep bi.

Eventually arriving back on the moor.

Towards Cox Tor, Staple Tor and Great Mis Tor.

 Looking out across the Tavy valley towards Tavistock

Follow the path through the trees.... return to Roborough Down