Wednesday 24th September Great Links Tor

Dull and wet at the start so nearly everybody put on their waterproofs. The result of this is that often the rain stops.We set out from the Fox and Hands taking the track up to Nodden Gate then down to the Ford.

Across Brat Tor and in the distance you could see the sky clearing.

At Brat Tor looking up at Widgery Cross. By now the rain had stopped completely and waterproofs were removed.

The view North to Arms Tor with Great Nodden in the distance.

Over to the this disused mine cottage on the Doetor Brook where we took a little break.

Up the valley to the mine workings....

... and some discussion as to exactly what the point of this abandoned construction might have been.

A short walk to Great Links Tor. Looking down the western edge of Dartmoor towards Hare Tor.

Then down to Little Links Tor.

Down again to Lower Arms Tor.

 Back across the River Lyd.

Back to the Fox and Hounds where it took almost an hour for them to prepare our lunch!

With Pete, Jon, Peter, Sandra, Anne and Ian

Wednesday 10th September - Norsworthy Bridge

Just four of us for the walk out from Norworthy Bridge.  A warm, hazy day but with a cooling breeze.

First up to Leather Tor bridge and...

 ...then the leat following this for a while.....

...out on to the moor

To the aqueduct and...

...the steeper bit up.  Hardly any water in the leat at this time.

The gorse is out.

Over to Crazy Well Pool.

Then down to the track.

 With an excursion to the disused farm.

Back to the cars where this pony was asleep standing up next to mine.  I managed to reverse without disturbing him!  On to the Devon Tors at Yelverton for lunch - this was excellent value and excellent quality.  Keith ordered a trio of sausages and got four! We were joined by Bill who had been late for the start and did his own thing.  With Keith, Sue, Linda and Bill

Subsequently read in the Tavistock Times that the landlord of the Devon Tors pleaded guilty to attempting to pervert the course of justice and has been sent away for eight months - will the pub survive?

Friday 5th September Two Bridges

A misty hazy morning as I drove over to Dartmeet to meet fellow blipper Simon, his wife Mo and friend Jenny. Whilst driving over Lower Cherry Brook bridge I spotted the ponies by the river - just had to turn round and go back to and take a photo.

A coffee first whilst we decided where to walk. Simon has been visiting Dartmoor regularly for 35 years (much longer than me!) and we decided to walk on a part of the moor that he is not to familiar with.   It was agreed we would  start from Two Bridges.

Firstly up to Crockern Tor.

On to Littaford Tor where there was another group of ponies.

Around the edge of Longaford Tor before....

...going up to the top of Longaford Tor - Beardown Tors in the distance...

...the view back along the ridge line but masses of flying ants meant we couldn't stop to enjoy the view!

On to Higher White Tor with this view towards Fernworthy Forest.

Next down to the weir on the West Dart River - Wistman's Wood in the distance.

 The view down stream from the weir - Longaford Tor in the distance....

...and the view upstream.

 Simon gets in position to take his shot.

Then the short sharp steep bit up to Beardown Tors....

....and the walk back to Beardown Farm.  A splendid walk when a virtual friend became a real friend!

Wednesday 3rd September Warren House Inn

A still warm evening. Always surprising how quickly the sunset times draw in at this time of the year.

Starting from the Warren House Inn and out towards Birch tor.  So much heather on this part of the moor..

Up through the mine workings - looking back to the Warren House Inn

To Birch Tor - the sun had set about half an hour previously 

Towards the north - Kes Tor Rock can just be seen on the extreme right.

We took a short break here and then descended to Grimspound.  Torches on for the walk back around Headland Warren Farm and through the Vitifer mine.  With Jon and Keith.