Sunday 30th April - Hadrian's Wall Day 4 Twice Brewed to Wall

We left the Twice Brewed Inn - which will soon have a micro brewery and took the short walk back to the wall.  For me this was the most attractive section. Lots of uphill stretches but not as severe as yesterday.

Re-joining the path at this point with a short sharp climb up to the top of the crag.

Along the ridge of Peel Crags

Very steeply down to the sycamore tree made famous in the Robin Hood film featuring Kevin Costner

Along the ridge of Highshield Crags with Crag Lough below.

Iconic views of Hadrian's Wall at this point

To the remains of the Roman fort at Housteads where we took a coffee break.

Gently up to Kennel Crags and Sewingshields Crags and to the end of the best part of the

From here it was gently down to The Military Road and the remains of this small Roman Church at Brocolitia Roman Fort

Past Limestone Corner

On to Wallwick to  Chesters Roman Fort through Chollerford to our hotel in Wall

Miles walked 14.7
Fitbit steps 36087


Saturday 29th April - Hadrians Wall Day 3 - From Lanercost Priory to Twice Brewed

Excellent walking conditions and at last we found the wall! Our route was through Birdoswald, Gilsland and then over the much steeper bits at  Walltown Crags, Crawford Crags and Windshield Crags. 

Lanercost Priory

Gently back up hill to re-join the path.

At last we found the Wall! this is at Banks and the tallest part of the wall still standing.

The information board puts it into perspective. This is what it would have look like 2000 years ago.


Another information board

We had a coffee stop at Birdoswald - the crags in the distance come into view.

Footbridge over the River Irthing

Through the village Gilsand - the Vallum or ditch.

We went of the track to have lunch in Greenhead then steeply up to the crags near Carvoran. The start of the Crags with the wall going along the top.

A sheer drop down but the Romans still had their mighty wall on top.

Then it was down.....and up again.

The disused Cawfield quarry

The trig point on Windshield Crags, the highest point on the whole walk.

Then down to the Twice Brewed Inn for a rest on after a very demanding day.
Miles Walked 15.1
Fitbit Steps 39755


Friday 28th April Hadrians Wall Day 2 - From Carlisle to Lanercost Priory

Another day where the was very little evidence of the wall. It was possible to see where it might have been and some evidence of the ditches either side of it. Gentle rambling countryside for the most part.

The Fern Lee, our B&B for the night. This re-opened 5 weeks ago after the floods in December 2015. The water level during the flood was above the letter box in the door.

Back on the track and over the Memorial Bridge in Carlisle and through Rickerby Park

Soon we were crossing the rather quiet M6

Through Linstock to the River Eden. This part of the footpath is officially closed due to flood damage. Clearly it is still being used by the locals and we had no difficulties on it.

The damaged riverbank

Through Crosby on Eden and up to The Military Road

 Past Bleatarn where it is believed this hole in the ground was a quarry for building the wall.

We knew that there were no pubs or cafes on this section of the walk so we took a short diversion to Carlisle Airport and the Stobart CafĂ©.  Excellent value for money. This is a private airport and owned by the Eddie Stobart organisation. Their huge distribution centre was nearby.

Past the site of Turret 56 with a rather grand view over the landscape below.

On through Walton

A new born calf

To arrive at the next B&B adjacent to Lanercost Priory

Miles Walked 14.5
Fitbit Steps 33555