Wednesday 21st May Great Links Tor

Oh what a beautiful morning for a walk on Dartmoor.  Wall to wall sunshine and fluffy clouds everywhere. Warm, even hot too.  It was good to be back with the group for a serious walk on Dartmoor and the gentle route up to Great Links Tor.

We parked at the Fox and Hounds and took the track up to Nodden Gate

Arriving a little later at 'the points'.

Great Links Tor in the distance

From Great Links towards....

....Fur Tor...

...Hare Tor

Soon we were on top and having a break - from here we could see a ship in Bude Bay off the North Cornwall coast and also the sea off the South Devon coast.  A reminder of how narrow the South West Peninsula is.

Looking back at the lower part of Great Links Tor.

A request for a team photo on the way down to Dick's Well

 Great Nodden from Arms Tor

Looking down from Arms tor towards High Down.

Widgery Cross in the distance on Brat Tor

Great Nodden just up from the ford.

Back to the Fox and Hounds for lunch.  With Jane, Anne, Stella, Tom, John, and Terry

Wednesday Evening 7th May Bluebell Walk

Starting from the Royal Oak at Meavy for the annual bluebell walk on a rather dull evening with a cool breeze.

Soon we were in the woods and this display was as wonderful as ever..

Out and into the village of Sheepstor with Sheeps Tor  in the distance

Then up the steeper bit to the top of Sheeps Tor for a short break in a very cold wind and...

...then down again, across the two dams and back through the woods to the pub.  This was my first evening walk since 5th March and very good it was to be able to join in again! With Sue, Keith, Anne, Eleanor, Jon, Raz and Mike

The photos were taken with my phone - I will be back with my proper camera for some more bluebell shots in better conditions.

Tuesday 6th May Black Tor

A much duller morning than the forecast suggested.  Starting from the dewpond below Sharpitor.

The view to the north with Cox Tor and Staple Tors in the distance and Ingra Tor in the middle distance.

We headed on to Black Tor

 There are two main stacks of rocks making up this tor.

Down to the nearby 'Black Tor' falls and then down the valley...

...looking across to the aqueduct taking the leat over the river

Along the leat which is flowing into the distance.

Two recently new born foals just across the leat.

Storm damaged trees from earlier in the year.

Looking back to Black Tor.

We continued along the leat for a while before taking leave of the others - up through the trees and...

...back out on to the the moor below Leather Tor.  There was some light rain as we weaved around Leather and Sharpitor back to the cars.

On to the Walkhampton Inn to join Bud, Brian and Chris.  Terry, Rosemary and Brian arrived later.