Wednesday 27th July Haytor

A humid summer evening and a corner of the moor we don't get to often enough. Setting out from Top Tor carpark towards Chinkwell Tor.

First past Bonehill rocks then Bell Tor (and coincidentally with the sound of church bells in the distance - from Widecombe?) plus a minature whirly-bird hovering around.

On top of Chinkwell Tor looking across to Honeybag Tor - Charles and David caught up with us here - delayed by the road works in Tavistock.

The view across to Hound Tor.

Then gently down and across to Holwell Down with the low sun putting a differnt perspective on Haytor

Around Greator Rocks

With Jon on top

Across to Smallacombe Rocks with Haytor behind

Down the track past the Medieval village

Next up the very steep slope up to Smallacombe Rocks for a short break and lots of pressure about whether we would make the pub on time.

Across to Haytor with Mike and Jon on top.

...and the setting sun

Finally across to Saddle Tor and Top Tor and one or two weary walkers, some desperate to get to the Rugglestone Inn.  But, no fear, we were all in the pub by 10:15.

Tonights walkers Keith, Sue, Irving, John, Jon, Mike, Charles and David

Tuesday 26th July Leeden Tor

A warm clear summers day for a gentle walk starting at Leedon Tor car park and up the hill to Leedon Tor

The view back across to Sharpitor...

.. and the other way towards Swell Tor and Great Mis Tor

Down to the railway line and the Bridge where Bud was waiting

The view across towards Home...

...and Ingra Tor

Then along the railway line for a while with Staple Tors to the right

Over to Vixen and Pew Tors

Through the cutting below King Tor

...across to Yellowmead farm - not so yellow whilst it is being refurbished

Great Mis Tor and FourWinds

Back towards Leeden tor from Swell Tor

Swell Tor quarry

The path back up to the car park

Then the final climb just below the car park.

Followed by a warm welcome and lunch in the Walkhampton Inn

On todays walk Rosemary, Terry, Roger, Carol, Charlie, Harry and Bud

Wednesday 20th July Bellever

On our annual quest in search of the Night Jars 8 of us set out from Postbridge taking a direct line up to Bellever Tor


Then across to Laughter Tor
The view across to Bellever Tor from Laugher Tor


A little light drizzle.

At the appointed spot we waited..........

........eventually a short chorus then one flew out around us and back into the forest. Another short chorus and that was it and so to the pub.

Out tonight John, Jon, Mike, Keith, Sue, Mike and Anne

Tuesday 19th July Plym Bridge

Four of us set out from Plym Bridge on  a grey day with showers forecast.

Our route out was to follow the river upstream 
  Past the Rumple Wheel Pit by the weir

After that we came to the fallen tree which was just a bit tricky to get past - over the first bit and then under the next bit!!

On to the arches and the broken foot bridge across the river.....

..and waiting for us underneath the arches was Charlie 8 weeks and 1 day after becoming bionic, ready to start walking on Tuesdays again a magnificent achievement.

Eventually up a steep slope and out onto the railway track.

Past the station halt built for Bickleigh barracks...

...on to the tunnel

....and daylight at the other end

Eventually we arrived at The Skylark in Clearbrook for lunch.

Only three of us for the return trip which was on the railway line all the way back and an opportunity to top up the five a day habit!

At last a little sunshine

Then a stop at the peregrine watch centre on the Cann Viaduct - the peregrines had fledged on the 9th July - so we had only just missed them but you could still see the nest clearly.

The list of birds and deer seen since the 1st May
The very clever sign with a warning to all

Finally back to Plym bridge and the new railway stop for Plym Valley Railway running on selected dates through the summer

Walking today Terry, Rosemary, Bud and Charle