Tuesday 29th November Legis Tor

A difficult day for walking and taking photographs.  The forecast wasn't good but the weather, of course is always more extreme on Dartmoor.

We set off from Gutter Tor car park - there was no rain when we started but already the wind was strong.

Sheeps Tor from the car park.

So up to the top of Gutter Tor and on the exposed moor it was here when we felt the full strength of the wind.

Sheeps Tor from Gutter Tor

The scout hut from Gutter Tor....

...then across to Legis Tor (difficult to hold the camera steady in the wind)

The horrible china clay workings from Legis Tor

Trowlesworthy Tors

 The top of Legis Tor.

From here we went down to the River Plym and by now the rain had started.

In the strong winds the rain was coming in horizontally.  We followed the river around to Ditsworthy Warren House and then took the track towards the standing stones.  At this point Rosemary lost her momentum and ended up sitting on the edge of a small stream.  We decided to cut the walk short and crossed through Drizzle Combe to the Eylesbarrow track to return to the cars.  This meant we were walking directly into the wind and rain and the rain felt like hail on your face due to the force of the wind.  We finished the walk at 12:15 (a record early time for us).  It felt like we had been walking for longer.

On todays walk Charlie, Terry and Rosemary

Wednesday 23rd November Peat Cot

A cool evening but very wet and slippery under foot.  From Peat Cot we went down to Older Bridge.  Followed the leat to the relatively new cross which stands beside it next to where the leat comes out of the tunnel.  From here over to the long stone row and then to Combshead Tor.

Next through the girt and up to Eylesbarrow and to the boundary stone next to the steel cobra.  Along the track to Siward's Cross and back to the cars

On the walk tonight Irving, Mike, Stella, Jon, David and Anne.  In the pub to greet us was Dr Tom.

22nd November Great Mis Tor

It started off with another of those wet foggy days but with a promise of brighter things to come.

We took the track up to Little Mis Tor.

A view of Great Mis Tor.  This is a superb vantage point to view a wide area of the moor but it wasn't to be today. 

Onwards past some blanks left behind

Then on a compass bearing to the center of Greena Ball and at that exact spot was a little fir tree - seemed like it has been deliberately planted there.  Roger produced a box of mince pies and we got into the festive spirit and took the opportunity of temporarily decorating the tree.

Onwards to the river - the plan had been to go across but it was flowing too strongly and we decided not to get our wet feet and stayed on the dry side...

...following the River Walham for a while and by now the mist had lifted.

Great Staple and Roos Tor

Past a sheep which had turned to stone.

At last the sun started to come out.

We passed just below Great Mis Tor which was now clearly visible.

Looking south to Leather Tor, Sharpitor and Peek Hill

Across to the ridge line of Staple Tors and Roos Tor...

...and looking back to Great Mis Tor

Then off to the Prince of Wales - where Paul who doesn't normally eat at lunch time really went for it with the ham, egg and chips!

On the walk today Paul, Terry, Rosemary, Carol, Roger, Charlie, Bud and Brian.

16th November High Down

Just four of us tonight.  A gentle amble to cross the River Lyd and upwards to cross the Doetor Brook before going on to Doe Tor.  Up then to the disused mine building and a stop to look at the fireplace.  From here a straight forward walk to Brat Tor except for one of us who went off towards Arms Tor. Next back to the stepping stones and the cars and a warm welcome in the Mary Tavy Inn.

15th November Fingle Bridge

A very foggy drive over Dartmoor but just a bit misty at the start of the walk.

Our route was to take the high level path up along the top of the valley - just below Castle Drogo and then return alongside the river.

A steep track up towards Castle Drogo and along to Sharp Tor

Castle Drogo in the distance.

Holly in abundance

These are not good to eat but the fairies like them!

 Along to Dogmarsh Bridge....

....and back along the other side

Then it got a little brighter and the sun came out.

The footpath on the south side of the river was closed so we came back to the original side to follow the river back to the start.

Past the weir...

...and a staircase to heaven?  no - just a beautiful view.

For lunch at the Fingle Bridge Inn - busier than you might have expected for the time of year. The food was good.

Walking today, Paul, Charlie, Carol, Roger, Rosemary and Terry

Tuesday 8th November Ryders Hill

Another typical 'Dartmoor' day, fog, low cloud and light rain and not a view in sight all morning.

So off we went from the car park at Combestone Tor...  

...gently up the track to Horn's Cross.

Past the locals - but didn't cause any trouble.

Then, as expected, we were at the top of Ryders Hill and not a view in sight!

From here we headed across to the old tin workings at Hooten Wheals - up and down through the old girts dating from the 16th and 17 centuries.  The workers digging these out had a hard life.

Aroud the capped off top of an old mine...

...on to Hooton Wheals.  This part was in use from1890 until 1920.

In amongst all this the gorse had come back into flower. 

Back to the cars - not too far from here - slipping and sliding on the very wet ground.

Walking today Paul, Carol, Roger, Terry, Rosemary and Linda