Wednesday 30th October Bere Peninsula

Much duller this morning and not quite so cold.  Starting from Bere Ferrers which is on the River Tavy just before it joins the River Tamar.

The tide was out but no problems for this chap.

Off along the road heading upstream.

Looking back.

Soon we were in Hallowell Wood.

Coming out by Well Farm.

Following the footpath we came out in this orchard. Thoughts of 'scrumping' came to mind but those much more sensible found a few fallen apples for us to sample and very nice they were too.

On the higher land we had a view down the Tamar estuary to the Tamar Road Bridge and Brunel's Royal Albert Bridge.

Over the railway line linking Plymouth with Gunnislake.

Held up  whilst the hedge was trimmed.  Good idea not to come this way on your bike for a few days!

Then along the green lane by Lower Birch Farm with a short interlude of sunshine and view of Dartmoor in the distance.

Stopping here for a coffee break.

 Past these lovely spindle berries.

Down to the edge of the water at Liphill Quay.

Looking out across the marsh lands - the tide coming in now.

Finally up the steep hill and on to the Tamar Valley Discovery Trail to take us back... The Plough for lunch, which came much more quickly than when we were last here.

With Liz, Brenda, Stella, Anne, Tom and David.

Tuesday 29th October Ryder's Hill and Rainbows

A fantastic morning, much cooler and more typical for the time of year.  Low strong sunshine with clear views and lots of heavy showers all around... and lots of rainbows.

Starting from Venford Reservoir...

 ...and almost immediately we caught the first shower - with Sharp Tor and Corndon Tor behind.

Our route took us over Holne Moor - Holne Ridge is in the distance.

Looking over to Haytor Rocks and Rippon Tor.

 Ahead was Horn's Cross but we didn't go there today.

Back to Sharp Tor with Chinkwell and Honeybag Tors.

 Terry checks out a boundary stone.

Combestone Tor below and Fernworthy Forest in the distance.


A Tornado was skimming the Tors and a low flying Hercules came from below the horizon.

 Surprising how wet the moor has become again in just a few weeks.

   On to the top of Ryder's Hill....

 ...with Red Lake in the distance.

Dramatic skies in every direction.

Over to the Girt just above Mardle Head.

The valley down...

... Hapstead Ford

Looking back up the valley.

Back over Snowdon.

 Venford Reservoir comes into view with a beautiful strong rainbow.

Then just to finish a double rainbow.

On the the Forest Inn - with Terry and Rosemary.

Sunday 27th October Powdermills

The day before the storm?  Well dank and grey with strong wind and heavy showers.  I set off up the track from the quarry by Two Bridges.

Then over to Crockern Tor.

This was the site of the ancient stannary parliament....

Longford Tor and Higher White Tor in the distance - I followed this wall before.....

....turning right to go down to find the track through the bog.

The track I was looking for is not marked on the OS map but I have walked up it once before. Several attempts to find it failed and I came back up to this bank of clitter.  I followed this to the end...

 ...and then I found the track - a solid path in a desolate area of wet bog.

Soon I was at Powdermills.  A disused gunpowder factory.

I crossed the Cherry Brook and headed up to one of the old buildings.  The buildings  were well spread out.
The gunpowder was needed for the many mines on Dartmoor during the 18th and early 19th centuries.
 The buildings were of very solid granite but they had very thin roofs so that in the event of an explosion the only damage would be to the roof and not the rest of the building.
 The walls were certainly very substantial.

Next I was heading back up to the higher ground and Higher White Tor.

But, first back across the Cherry Brook but this time no bridge - I found a suitable crossing point and...

...up the hill to the wall junction with two stiles and...

...just above this is Higher White Tor.  Longaford Tor is in the distance.  There was a really heavy shower here and an incredibly strong wind on the ridge.
 This was the easy part Littaford Tors ahead.

Looking back.

Then down to the car park.  By now my waterproofs had completely dried out in the strong wind.  this was a recee for another day.  It won't work for the planned evening walk but it might another time for a daytime walk.