Wednesday 25th September Leeden Tor

It was a gloomy evening with that Dartmoor mizzle and drizzle. And it was very, very muggy.   Up to the side of Sharpitor, along Peek Hill, down to Lowery Tor and then into the Peekhill woods. Through the woods and at the bottom we turned to follow the railway line stopping to examine two of the Walkhampton plaques on the way.

More about the Walkhampton plaques here

At the bridge just before the other Fur Tor we turned around coming back over the top of Leeden Tor  to the car park.  On to the Rock. With Tom, Mike and Raz .

Tuesday 24th September Top Tor

Well it wasn't meant to be like this.  We left home as the sun was breaking through but by the time we had got to Princetown we were in thick fog and so it continued all the way to the other side of the moor.  Usually it's the other way round with brighter weather on the east side but not today.  We set off from the car park below Top Tor and a few minutes later Top Tor appeared out of the gloom!

On to Pil Tor,  Tunhill Rocks and down to the ford which crosses the stream coming out of Blackslade Mire - now looking a little brighter and...

...we could see the path ahead of us.

Past the Darmoor Ponies and on to...

Buckland Beacon and the Ten Commandments stones - looking much worse than we could remember and now impossible to read all of the text.

Around us the sun began to tease with little splashes of bright sunshine.

We stopped here for a break.

Then continued on to Welstor and turned to come back - Rippon Tor on the right was still in cloud and our next destination.

We stopped at the Nut Crackers...

...where Terry went looking for the Logan Stone.

Across in the distance we could now see Top Tor clearly.

On to the top of Rippon Tor for our picnic.  One moment Haytor could be seen and the next it had gone again as the cloud and mist swept in and out. Rippon Tor is one of those dominating tors - it can be seen for miles around but when you are on it, it doesn't feel at all significant.

Bright sunshine on the way home left me thinking we might have seen more if we had delayed the walk to the afternoon - but that is not the way we do it on a Tuesday!!

With Linda, Terry, Rosemary, Chris and Roger

Wednesday Evening 18th September Warren House Inn

Amazing how the evenings are now drawing in - the sun had already set as we arrived at the Warren House Inn for the start of the walk. A real chill in the air necessitating hats and gloves.

In the distance over Hamel Down the moon was coming out. We set off to Bennet's Cross and then took the Two Moors Way to Hookney Down eventually finding the track which goes out to King Tor where we took our break.  Back along the same track and then down through Grimspound, around Headland Warren Farm and through the old mine workings to get back to the pub where the next programme was finalised.

With David, Jon, Pete and Charles

Wednesday Morning 18th September Staple Tor

Rain first thing and an angry sky at the car park.

Not one but two German coaches stopped for five minutes.  Everyone gets out, walks all round the car park taking photos  and then they all get back on again and off they go to do the same thing at the next stop.

The appointed walk organiser didn't turn up so up to Middle Staple Tor we went.

By now the sun was coming out and we had fine views in all directions.

Down there was where we did yestedays walk.

Great Staple Tor was the next stop...

...from here we could just see Fur Tor teasingly looking much closer than it really is.

On to Roos Tor and what did we find - Dr Tom on his own walk with David. They didn't have time to continue with us.

It was decided our next stop would be Great Mis Tor... 

...and down the valley we went stopping at the bottom for a break.

Then a phone call came through for Anne who needed to return urgently so we all went back.

A good lunch in the Whitchurch Inn.  With Terry, Jon, Keith, Sue, Pete and Anne

Tuesday 17th September Four Winds

 A wet drizzly morning and this was the view from Four Winds

Up to the last working quarry on Dartmoor, just before the Yellowmead Track

Hollow Tor was next.

 North Hessary Tor...

And there are just six of these to hold the whole thing in place.

Down to the railway track.

Down again around King Tor...

...across the stream

Back to the start.  We didn't see much for the whole walk but the forecast heavy rain didn't materialise and we did of course feel better just for being out there!

Always a warm welcome in The Prince of Wales.  With Roger, Brian, Rosemary and Terry

Saturday 14th September Bellever Tor and Laughter Tor

 A family walk today setting off from Postbridge taking the track up to Bellever Tor. A lovely sunny morning.

Bellever Tor in the distance.

Looking back

On Bellever Tor.

The view across to Laughter Tor...

...and the view back to Bellever Tor

On top of Laughter Tor

With Linda, James, Jess and George.   Jess decide that this was her favourite walk so far!