Tuesday 31st July Hucken Tor

The sunshine had gone and we were back to walking in the clouds again.

From the car park and up to Leeden Tor...

...then down to the little bridge which goes over the railway track...

 ...to find the other Yes Tor (259) which is this small tor next to the bridge...

...and the other Fur Tor on the other side of the track (260)

Next up to the higher level of railway track to meet Bud and Brian before going around King Tor and then down to Hucken Tor (261).

The visibility was constantly changing as the cloud blew out and then back in again. Further on we could see Criptor (262)...

...and the nearby Criptor Farm.

Up a steeper bit to rejoin the railway track next Ingra Tor (263)...

...and then adjourning to the Prince of Wales where the owners were keen to show off their new Bengal kittens.

With Terry, Rosemary, Roger, Bud and Brian.

Monday 30th July Lynch Tor and Merrivale.

For the first walk I drove the little car park next  to Bagga Tor (254)...

...and took track up with Lynch Tor in the distance.

Just here is supposed to be Hare Tor (255) but there was nothing other than a few boulders

Looking back to Bagga Tor

Lynch Tor (256)  with Great Links Tor in the distance

 The zoomed in view across to Fur Tor - which is much further away than it looks.

I found this sheep and her lamb still fully dressed for the Jubilee party.
Back at  Bagga Tor and it seemed appropriate to have a photo of me (just for a change) bagging Bagga Tor!

 With this view across to Ger Tor and Hare Tor.

Next I then drove to Merrivale with the disused quarry and the Merrival Inn below Staple Tors...

...and I went across to Longash Tor (257) with King Tor in the background...

 ...then across to the double stone row..

...before heading over to Over Tor - in the foreground and Great Mis Tor behind.

Over Tor (258) with Staple Tors behind.

Saturday 28th July Huckaby Tor

A few more 'drive-by' tors today.

First Roborough Rock (249) - about a mile and half away from home and next to the main Tavistock - Plymouth road.

Then on to Shaugh Prior to find Shaugh Beacon (250). Charlie and I couldn't find this on 3rd July - mainly because the grid reference was about 400 metres out and we couldn't see it in the fog!  Here it is clearly visible on the sky line from Beatland Corner.

Getting to it was more difficult - if there are any paths then they are completely overgrown with ferns.

The view from the top out over Plymouth to Plymouth Sound.

Getting out was even harder with head high ferns!

Next to Callisham Tor (251)  This is just off a footpath between the Yelverton/Cadover road and Meavy. 

A longer drive towards Dartmeet and an easy walk up to Huckaby Tor (252).

My plan had been to drive on to Dartmeet and then follow the East Dart upstream to  Blackator (253).  In the event I decided to go there directly from Huckaby Tor.  This is it right next to the East Dart.  It doesn't look like a tor from a distance....

...because it is completely overgrown.  The tor is on the river side.

From the  top looking down at the East Dart River.

A wall has been built all across the top of it - presumably to stop and livestock falling off the edge.

Thursday 26th July Manaton Rocks

A very hot day and an opportunity to go to a few more 'drive-by' tors.  So across to the other side of the moor in the woods behind the Kes Tor Inn is Latchell Tor (246).
Then on to Manaton and the lovely church next to the cricket pitch.

On the footpath up was this little leaf suspended on a spiders silk thread.

Nearly at the top...

...Manaton Rocks (247)

Manaton church with Haytor Rocks in the distance.

On the way back near Bellever forest is Cator (248).

Wednesday 25th July Roos Tor

A fantastic summer evening - so where was everyone?

Ponies by Cox Tor car park.

The line of Staple Tors.

Cox Tor but we didn't go directly there..

...we went around the side towards Little Cox Tor (240)...

 ...and then to the top of Cox Tor (241)

White Tor and the enclosed land ahead of us...

 ...and the sheep behind.

Through the stream and around the enclosed land before coming back to Roos Tor (242)

   To the west behind Brent Tor and over Cornwall the sun was going down.

We continued to Great Staple Tor (243)...

...Middle Staple Tor (244)...

 ...and Lower Staple Tor (245) as the light faded and the moon came out.