Wednesday 17th April Sourton

Good to have the longer daylight hours again on a very windy evening and just three of us for the  walk from Sourton.

Up past the church to the gate with Sourton Tors in the distance.

We looped under Sourton Tors as the sun was getting lower over Cornwall.

Up to the points,  Great Links Tor in the distance which came in and out of view in the swirling mists.

Then up to the Tiger Marsh crash site - strange how we don't come here for months and then twice in a matter of weeks.

By now the light was going fast. Gren Tor in the middle distance and Great Links Tor behind.

Upwards we continued to the very, very windy Bransombe's Loaf where we took our break and then down over Sourton Tors.  By now the moon had come out.  Finally to the Bearslake Inn. With Jon and Mike

Tuesday 16th April Dartmeet

Dartmeet was the start and in season is a real Dartmoor 'honeypot'.  Today there was just us and a little doggy and he decided to spend three hours joining us on our walk.  We took the footpath up by the side of the visitor attractions.

Trying to find the marked footpath to the west of Yar Tor wasn't easy as we rose up above the valley of the East Dart River.

Soon we came to the enclosed land and went down to the small stream...

...and out through a really wet boggy bit.

Next through the small hamlet of Sherwell and on to the path to the most northern point of Corndon Down.

We split at this point with Terry and Charlie following the edge of the moorland whilst...
...three of us took the slightly easier route up along the ridge line on Corndon Down

 Soon we came to Cathanger Rock and at last the sun came out.

Onwards and up to very large cairns to wait for the other two to rejoin us...

...and then up to Corndon Tor.

Haytor Rocks and Rippon Tor in the distance...

...and over the top of Corndon Tor.

Looking down over Sharp Tor with Venford reservoir in the distance.

Then down to the war memorial to Lieutenant Evelyn Anthony Cave Penney who died in Palestine in 1918 aged 19.  The memorial is inscribed 'Look up and lift up your heads'  and here nothing could be more appropriate.

We set off down to the road.

This was the doggy that followed us - he had a collar but no tag so we didn't know his name but he had a good time and when we got back to the start he just disappeared so I guess he probably lived there!

The split 'coffin stone' where coffins were placed while the pall bearers took a rest going up the steep hill.  More about this here:

We retired to the Tavistock Inn at Poundsgate which had a warm welcome and good food.  With Linda, Charlie, Terry, Rosemary and Roger and Chris in the pub

Saturday 13th April - Malvern Hills

A walk in a different place.  The Malvern Hills run along the border between Herefordshire and Worcestershire.  The highest point is 1394 feet so almost anyone can get to the top but there are some short sharp uphill bits.  They run for about 8 miles north to south. On a clear day I could see them from school and Elgar lived here.

With the forecast of rain by late morning we had an early start from The Wyche cutting.

Looking across to Herefordshire.

At first, the clouds were swirling in and out but it would be difficult to get lost on here.

To the highest point the Worcestershire Beacon.

Looking back and...

...looking onwards towards North Hill

With a little bit of snow remaining.

On route to North Hill and looking back to the Worcestershire Beacon.

From the top of North Hill and down to the end of the hills at the north.

Back again to the Worcestershire Beacon.

Down to Great Malvern between the two big hills.

Much busier on the way back and we didn't get wet!

Wednesday 10th April Staple Tor

Another gloomy day as we set off from the car park below Lower Staple Tor.  Just in front of us was a new foal -  the first one I have seen this year.

We walked across to the...

....disused quarry at Merrivale.

Up the hill to one of the sett makers banker and Keith demonstrates how they were used.

Then up the Walkham Valley...

...across the leat..

...and down to the old Blowing House which was used for smelting tin.  The wheel pit can be seen. The water wheel was used to operate the bellows.  Just right of centre is the mould stone - used to cast the tin ingots.

Nearby is a broken mould stone

Great Mis Tor behind

 The Walkham valley

Next up to the  Bronze Age settlement and the remains of a hut circle.

Up further to the Stone Circle before...

...heading back to Roos Tor.

Near Roos Tor we stopped at the boundary stone and John pointed the original stone in the ground just to the right of the later addtion.

Looking across to the Pew Tor from Middle Staple Tor

With John, Pete, Kath, Keith, Sue and Tom in the pub.