Wednesday Evening 31st August - Great Links Tor

Ten of us for the evening walk from High Down. No forecast of rain for the evening but looking west it didn't look like we would avoid it.

Down to the stepping stones before taking the steep track up to....

...Brat Tor

The view towards Hare Tor...

...and the other way with Great Links in the distance.

From here it was across to the main track and on to Dick's Well before heading up to Great Links. Tussocky underfoot for a while and lots of low cloud too. Coffee break on top and always surprising how quickly you can feel the cold. Down to Little Links Tor and then down to the River Lyd to follow it back to the stepping stones.

On to the pub - but they were all closed.  The Dartmoor Inn, the Mary Tavy Inn and the Trout and Tipple and this is in August! So we had to settle for Weathespoons in Tavistock, at least the beer is cheaper. Closed pubs are going be a problem going into the winter months.

With Raz, Stella, Brenda, Anne, Jill, Jon, Kevin, Charlie and Terry.

Tuesday 2rd August Willsworthy

A warm sunny morning with a cooling breeze as we followed the track out through the firing range at Willsworthy.

Over White Hill to take the track up between Hare Tor and Sharp Tor. The farmers were bring the sheep down on the same track we were going up - so a slight detour to let them pass.

Sharp Tor behind

On to Hare Tor for the coffee break - looking across to Ger Tor.

Doe Tor below and Brat Tor to the right.

Across to Ger Tor - looking down Tavy Cleave.

Down to the leat which we followed back to the firing range.

The farmers were out again to bring in more sheep.

Back through another part of the firing range.

Lunch in the sunshine at the Mary Tavy Inn with Terry, Tom, Jon, Charlie, Brenda, and Jane

Saturday 21st August - Lints Tor

With rain forecast I was out early this morning in the hope that I would complete the route before the rain started.

Meldon reservoir - always a feeling of great openness when this comes into view.

Around the eastern edge of the reservoir and with the berries out on the mountain ash tree there was a feeling that autumn was not far away.

More here on the path down to Vellake Corner

Looking back to Vellake Corner

Black Tor and Black-a-Tor Copse come into view.

The West Okement River.

Black Tor and the copse below.

Looking back from Black-a-Tor Copse.

Lints Tor comes into view.

On Lints Tor with Fur Tor in the distance.

Lints Tor

Dinger Tor with High Willhays in the distance and a heavy squally shower.

On High Willhays and the forecast rain came in about two hours earlier than forecast. Difficult going on the way down the heavy rain.

Saturday 20th August - Shell Top (revisited)

We didn't quite follow the right route on Wednesday evening and I was not happy with the route that Kevin and I had followed after we left the others so I wanted to better understand the detail of the area.  I have walked all of this before but it is a while since I did that.

Big Pond

Looking into the quarry

The end of the track beside the 'dyke' Trowlesworthy Tor in the distance.

The other end of the dyke below Penn Beacon. There are only a couple of places where you could easily cross this particularly if there was a lot more water in it.

The cairn on the way up to Penn Beacon.

Penn Beacon, the trig point and Shell Top in the distance.

Penn Beacon

Shell Top

I followed the track down from Shell Top directly to Trowlesworthy Tor. The track takes a direct line between the two and it does take you into this very boggy area. This little pond is marked on the map and the track takes you right next to it. I have been here before and didn't like it then either!

From the same spot looking toward Trowlesworthy Tor

Wednesday Evening 17th August - Shell Top

We met at Blackaton Cross right on the edge of the China Clay workings. A heavy haze everywhere and muggy too.

Around Big Pond.

Views into the 'moonscapes'.

A soft sun reflected on the Big Pond

On to the open moor and up to Great Trowlesworthy Tor

Shell Top in the distance as the mist came in even more.
Some difficult going on the way up through the tussocks and eventually we rejoined Kevin and Raz on Shell Top where we had the coffee break.  The plan had been to admire the fireworks from afar on Plymouth Hoe. We could hear the bangs but the mist was too dense to see anything.
On the way down I realised that I had left my camera on top. So it was back up again to retrieve it! Kevin kindly came with me.  As we came down a second time the mist started to clear we did catch the odd glimpse of the fireworks. Much too late for the pubs.  With Jon, Raz, Stella, Terry, Kevin, Brenda and Gill.

Wednesday Morning 17th August - Around Dartmeet

I met up again with my blip friend Simon, his wife Mo and Jenny. They have been staying near Dartmeet for over 30 years and know the area really well.

We set off from the Pixie House just up from Dartmeet and took the footpath through Brimpts Farm.

Down to the stepping stones over the East Dart just below Babeney and then across the little clapper bridge before coming out on the road at Babeny.

Through the fields and through the boggy (bit which today was not boggy) and out on to the moor with Yar Tor ahead.

Looking across to Brimpts Farm

Through the gorse and braken to the to the top of Yar Tor where there was a group of ponies.

Mo and Jenny left us here. We went over to Corndon Tor - Sharp Tor can be seen in the distance. A heavy haze everywhere and not such good views today.

Across to Sharp Tor where against all the odds this little tree is hanging on.

Looking back to Corndon Tor.

The plan from Sharp Tor was to contour around Yartor Down before going down to the river. The only problem was the ferns (which are at maximum height) made the going difficult. Down the steep bit where both us slipped at different times and ended up temporarily lying down.

Eventually we got to the River Dart. We stopped for lunch before returning to Dartmeet.

Then we followed this family across the stepping stones on the West Dart River and took the track up to Combestone Tor...
....where Simon had been taking sunset pictures the night before. Back down to Week Ford before returning to the start.  A superb walk and good to meet up with Simon again.