Tuesday 26th June Fox Tor

So back home after nearly two weeks living in a 'bubble'.  Back to Dartmoor and a typical dartmoor day - lots of fog everywhere.  We set off from the car park at Peat Cot and took the road down to Whiteworks.

Across the Strane River and then around the edge of Royal Hill - with some nifty footwork to get over the wall.

Down to Swincombe Intake Works - the very small reservoir that comes out of Foxtor Mires

An ugly utilitarian structure built in 1933 to provide water for Paignton.

From here we crossed the Wheal Emma Leat which is usually dry but today was full of water and went up and around the edge of Ter Hill.  There was some very difficult going under foot (just standing was hard in some places) and progress was slow.

Eventually Fox Tor (218) came into view.  By now it had started raining.

Just along from Fox Tor is Little Fox Tor (219)  - known by some as Yonder Tor.

We continued in the rain for another hour before arriving back at the cars.  A short drive for refreshments at the Prince of Wales with Bud and Brian who had been on a different route.

With Charlie, Brian and Roger.

Wednesday 13th June New York

Well it might not be Dartmoor but we certainly did do lots and lots of walking!

The Empire State Building

South towards the World Trade Center

Just looking down

Towards Central Park

...and I found this Tor in the middle of Central Park!!!!

The incredibly impressive 9/11 memorials

The statue of Liberty

Brooklyn Bridge...

Time Square

 New York's first skyscraper - the Flatiron.

The Highline a disused railway and now a park.
Official street art

From the top of the Rock towards the Empire State Building...
 ...Central Park

And then the start of the next part of our journey.

Wednesday 6th June

FIRST WALK  'Drive-by' Tors

Rain early on and showers in the afternoon so I decided to do a couple of relatively close 'drive by' tors in between the showers.  The first being Blackalder Tor (215) which is in the trees immediately behind this bus stop.

A little further along the road and about 15 minutes walk from the road is Crownhill Tor (216)

SECOND WALK - The Wednesday evening walk

Four of us set out from Postbridge and into Bellever Forest. We followed the track which runs parallel to the main road before going down to and crossing the main road.

Over the Bank Holiday the forest had been the scene of an illegal rave - see here:


So no surprise when we saw this sign warning walkers to take care.  I have to say if you are going to have an illegal rave then this is probably a good place to do it!!

We crossed the road and on to the footpath which leads up to the moor.  Ahead of us were about six small calves and behind us on rougher ground were their mothers.  The calves stayed on the path ahead of us getting further away from their mums and their mums got more and more distressed eventually getting on the same path as us.  Fortunately the calves evetually went left off the path and we went right getting out of the way of the ever increasing anxious mums!

Arch Tor (217) is about half a mile from the road and visible from the road. It has an impressive logan stone on top.


We continued over the hill and towards one of the tributaries to the Cherry Brook which drains out of Archerton bog - a place I remember from many years ago and a place you don't ever want to go into!
 Past this Cairn and Cist towards...

Hollowcombe Bottom...

...Jon took an alternative route

Then around the wall to Row Tor (218).

We returned by Braddon Lake.  We had seen the forecast rain in the distance for the last hour and just as we got to the car park it started to come down but it was too late - we were off to the pub.

With Jon, Pete and Irving

That leaves 92 tors to visit after my holiday - so I should easily be finished by the end of August.