Wednesday 28th July Bennett's Cross

A surprisingly cold start for the time of the year. We set out from Bennett's Cross and headed down through the old workings to Vitifer Mine.

On a short distance to the remnants of the Golden Dagger Mine.

Along the track which leads to Challacombe Down to look at the Mediaeval Village.

There is this very sign on the road leading out from the small settlement - we took great care as we left!

Then it was time for the steeper bit to get up to the ridge line on Hamel Down. This is looking back across to Challacombe Down.

We stopped at the Single Barrow on the top with this you across to Haytor Rocks and Rippon Tor.

Along the ridge line to Hamel Down Cross.

Just along from here is Hameldown Tor.

Down through Grimspound and up again to Hookney Tor as the weather finally started to improve.

The  Warren House Inn in the distance.

The view across Soussons Down.

Lunch was in the very busy Warren House Inn.

With Brenda, Stella, Ann, Eleonor, Jane, Phil, John, Terry and Tom

Wednesay 22nd July Stone Circle near Sittaford Tor

A longer drive to the end of the road in Fernworthy Forest and then up through the forest to the gate just below Sittaford Tor.

The exit gate with the style to the right and.....

....the view to the left.

Up to the restored stone circles of Grey Wethers 


About 250m to the south-west of Sittaford Tor is a recently discovered stone circle. It is the first stone circle to be discovered on the high moor for over 100 years and is believed to have been built during the late Bronze Age 4000-5000 years ago. Some preliminary testing taken from soil samples beneath two of the stones indicates that the stones have been in this fallen position for approximately 4000 years. The appearance of the stone circle when the stones were up bright would have been very similar to those at Grey Wethers.

It can be seen from this photograph that many of the stones were well below the surface had been overgrown by vegetation prior to their recent discovery.

Next we  headed over to Quentins Man.

The view down the Great Varracombe valley.

We turned back through Teign Head Farm and over the clapper bridge to follow the forest boundary...

... and find the memorial stone to WO S.LPerry who died at this spot in 1992.

On around the edge of the forest before returning to the cars.

With thanks to Paul Fox and Andrew Livingston for providing information regarding the exact location of the new stone circle.

Four Winds

Good to be back on Dartmoor after a break.

A bright morning cooler at first and ideal for walking.  Starting from Four Winds - down to cross the stream.

Then up to King Tor.  The view across to Staple Tors....

...over to Foggintor

A short wall to the top of Swelltor Quarry before....

 ...weaving our way down through the workings

Sharpitor and Ingra Tor in the distance

A coffee stop on the edge of Ingra Tor

Over to Leedon Tor past the ponies.

On to Leedon Tor with Black Tor, Hart Tor and South Hessary Tor in the distance

Looking back to Swelltor

From here back down to the track and then a diversion over East Tor before joining the track again.

Up to Foggintor quarry where the military were exercising, along the Yellowmeade track before cutting back across to Four Winds.  Past another little quarry where we found this store (which was probably use to store the gunpowder).

On to the Plume of Feathers for lunch.  With Peter, Sandra, John, Jane, Terry, Rosemary, Harry, Brenda and Roger.