Wednesday 31st December Beardown Tor

Weatherwise what a difference a day makes. A little warmer, a stronger wind and foggy at least at the start. Starting from Two Bridges and going clockwise we set off along the road before taking footpath leading out to Beardown Farm.

Out over Beardown Hill.... one of the three tors that make up Beardown Tors

As we went down to the weir there was a change as the fog lifted and patches of blue sky appeared.

We took our break by the weir which was icy and rather than cross here... was decided to cross the river a little further down.  There was still some ice on these and they were slippery. Unfortunately one person got a little wet.

Next up to Higher White Tor to return along the ridge line with much dramatic lighting in front of us.

Looking back to Longaford Tor.

Down to the stile below Little Bee Tor.

Unusually for us it had been previously decided that we would go to the Fox Tor Cafe in Princetown for lunch but with many people on holiday it was very busy and some decided to go to the pub instead.

With Pete, Cath, Peter, Sandra, Bill, Jane, Ian, Terry and Jon.

Tuesday 30th December Cuckoo Rock

It was very cold overnight with a heavy frost first thing although it had started to disappear by the time I was able to get out.

I started from Norsworthy Bridge and given that so many people are on holiday it was very busy. I took the Deancombe track past the remains of the old Middleworth farm.

Across to the Roughtor Plantation.

Out past the old Deancombe farm, across the boggy bit and Cuckoo Rock is just ahead.

Cuckoo Rock with Leather Tor and Sharpitor in the distance.... with Sheeps Tor in the distance.

Next to Combshead Tor...

...some icy patches on the way.

The stone circle and stone row.

Back now towards Down Tor - Leather Tor and Sharpitor in the distance.

Around the edge of Down Tor.

Snappers Tor ahead.

Finally to Middleworth Tor and back to the car.

Wednesday 18th December Carols on Pew Tor

A wet and 'mizzly' evening for our annual Christmas celebration. Out from Oakley Cottage along the muddy path to Windy Post. Then back over Feather Tor to make our way to the top of Pew Tor.

A small feast followed including mulled wine, mini Cornish pasties, crisps, cheese and stollen cake.

Then on with the carol singing. John led this ensuring we had the right key and sometimes providing an accompaniment with his mouth organ. Three impressive solos in 'We Three Kings' and then it was all over until next year!

One of the Carol sheets was beginning to resemble papier-mâché in the wind and the rain. These have been in use for more than 20 years but Charles was confident it would make a full recovery!

On to the Whitchurch Inn.

With John, Tom, Mike, Stella, Viv, Charles, Peter, Sandra, Pete and Kath.

Wednesday 10th December Hart Tor

The forecast was for heavy showers and there was a particularly heavy shower in the hour before the walk started so our expectation was for more of these. As it turned out we had near perfect conditions for most of the walk with bright sunshine, a cool breeze and just the occasional drops of rain. Eleven of us at the start from Norsworthy Bridge .We took the footpath up to the leat.....

....and followed this out to the open moor.

Terry's dog Sonny was not behaving so Terry left us to do his own thing.
Past the aqueduct and then on to...

....Black Tor falls, with Hart Tor in the distance.

Across the stream and up to Hart Tor.
We took our break here.  The grey pony was very inquisitive - probably wanting some of our rations. Our next stop was South Hessary Tor which can just be seen in the distance on the horizon to the right of the brown pony. I have walked across here before on night time walks and there are some very wet and boggy bits in between.  It was good to be able to see the track which leads across and to follow that.

From South Hessary Tor we headed to the trig point on Cramber Hill, then a short distance to the old mine workings known as Cramber Tor Pool.

On to Cramber Tor and then....  .

...down to

....Crazy Well Pool.

Across to Raddick Lane and back to the start.

Seven of us went on to the Devon Torrs for lunch.

With Jon, Pete, Kath, Peter, Sandra, Anne, David, Bill, John and Terry

Wednesday 3rd December Long Ash

Perfect walking conditions for the walk today. Bright sunshine, frosty underfoot and a cool breeze. Starting from Long Ash and across to the cycle path.

On to Gem Bridge where Terry talked about the old mine workings that existed below the bridge.

Down the steep track to Grenofen... 
....and then following the river Walkham to...

....Double Waters.

We took a break in the fishermen's hut by the side of the river where there were some stunning reflections in the water.

Next up the steep track towards Berra Tor (although we didn't quite get there).

Back onto the open more, through the Hele Plantation, around the edge of Roborough Down and back to the cars.

Lunch was at the Devon Tors in Yelverton.

With Terry, John, Tom, David, Pete, Jane, Peter and Anne