Wednesday 26th January - Great Mis Tor

A very gentle walk from Pork Hill car park to Lower Staple Tor, along the top to Great Staple Tor then down across the leat to the River Walkham. An easy river crossing and then up and up and up and up through the clitter to the top of Great Mis Tor leaving one or two of us just ever so slightly puffed out.  A short break and then down again, back across the river, over the barbed wire fence and through a boggy bit.  Back over the ridge and on to the pub. Phew!

Tuesday 25th January Railway Track, Quarries and Rifle Range

Back to typical Dartmoor weather - cold and a swirling hill fog.  We left the car park by Leedon Tor -  down to the railway track following this until we arrived by Sweltor Quarry.  Up through the quarry and across to rejoin the railway track by Foggintor Quarry.

On along the track and then down to the Princetown road to cross the road by Devil's Bridge.

We then followed the line of rifle range markers to Hart Tor.

At this point Brian decided to give Terry a call, not on his phone but using his horn!  By this time it had started to rain

Just after this we met up with Terry and Rosemary crossed Hart Tor Brook joined the leat and followed this over the aqueduct and back to the forest edge then up to the car park.  An enjoyable lunch followed in the Walkhampton Inn.

On the walk today Roger, Carol, Paul, Charlie, Colin, Amber, Brian, Rosemary and Terry.

Wednesday 19th January Ringmoor Cottage

We had planned to meet at Ringmoor Cottage but the Rescue Group had beat us so the road was very busy.  With clear skies and a full moon reflecting off the silvery coloured frost on the ground, visibility was excellent with superb distant night time views across the moor.

We set off across the moor through the DRG's search line to Ditsworthy Warren House.  Then out along the track to the Stone Rows and into Drizzle Combe for the break. After this we came back over to Gutter Tor and down to the road junction for Sheepstor to see the addit which had been exposed under the road.

Tuesday 18th January North Bovey and Mud!

Ten of us started from the picturesque village of North Bovey on a beautiful cool morning.

We took the track to Dickford Bridge and then on to Barnecourt turning right. 

Just after this we turned right towards Peck Farm and then took the very, very muddy track below Hunters Tor to Foxworthy Bridge.

We then followed the road to Neadon and Having missed our turn continued to Langstone and turned right to Barracott which took us out to the open moor.

Up over the top of Easdon Tor with superb views across Dartmoor

Then down through the gorse to Olde Yard past a very old and well cropped tree and  to the Ring of Bells for lunch.

Wednesday 5th January Long Ash

We walked from Long Ash around the edge of the moor to Berra Tor and then down to Double Waters. Followed the river to Grenofen bridge and straight up the steep track back to the moor to return to the Car Park. Dry at first but with some rain later. Surprisingly mild and humid. In places very, very muddy. Irving led the walk an kept up a good pace. Good turnout with John, Jon, Charles, Tom, David, Irving, Tony, Keith, Sue, Mike

Tuesday 4th January Fernworthy

Present for todays walk Terry, Rosemary, Roger, Carol, Charlie, Brian and Michael.

We set out from the Warren House Inn up the short but steep climb to the cairn on Water Hill. Brian wasn't feeling to good so decided to return to the car.  Terry accompanied him down. The rest of us set off across the moor for the car park by Fernworthy resevoir.

By the time we had reached the picnic area we had been joined first by Huxley and then Terry. After a short break with a few treats to celebrate the new year we set off around the reservoir.

The track out of the forest was a long uphill stretch but he forest was very pretty in the the winter snow.

We left the forest by the gate on Assycombe Hill.  It was noticeably much colder on the open and exposed moor.  We returned over the more rugged terrain to the track to take us back to the Cairn and then down to the Warren House Inn where Brian was still waiting and a good lunch followed in the Warren House Inn