Wednesday Evening 21st December Morewellham

A gentle walk in the woods around Morewellham.  This is the sluice gate on the canal just below the point where the canal emerges from the tunnel.

Down to the lime kiln at Nequay by the river below Madcleave Wood. Mike showed us the bread oven built into the side of the kiln.

A good look around the old quay - once a hive of activity. Then back through the woods to Mike and Stella's for mulled wine and some nibbles. With Mike, Stella, John, Jill, Simon, Brenda, Val and Nigel

Tuesday 22nd December Pew Tor

Out from Whitchurch through Middlemoor.

On to Shorts Down....
...over Plaster Down to the leat.

Then towards Pew Tor.

Up to the quarry.

To the top of Pew Tor for a coffee break and mince pies from Terry.

Back across Plaster Down

This stile was too much for the dogs so the main group continued on the path through Caseytown and three of us returned over Shorts Down.
Lunch in the Whitchurch Inn. With Terry, Tom, David, Colin, Amber, Jon, Jane, Bill, Brenda, Anne and Charlie.

Tuesday 13th December 2016

Out from Two Bridges on our usual route. Clear then very misty....

....and clearer again.

Towards Littaford Tor

Then down towards the weir and the ponies came to see us....

...I think they thought we might have some food for them. Gentle but hardy animals, their coats wet with the low cloud and rain.

Then down to the weir which was overflowing. Rather more tricky than usual to get across and one or two had wet feet afterwards.

After the coffee break it was up the steep bit to Beardown Tors, more thick mist and then lots of rain.
We arrived at the Prince of Wales a little wet. Roger and Jim were there. Always good service and food. With Tom, Jon, Colin, Amber, Peter, Brenda, Bill, Jane and Charlie.

Wednesday 7th February - Longaford Tor

Having missed the normal Tuesday walk for the last three weeks it was good to get out with Tom and David. Much brighter than expected but with a cool breeze as we set out from Two Bridges.

The usual route along to Longaford Tor with this view across to Beardown Tors and Lydford Tor.

Down to the weir - not much rain lately so it was easy to cross.

Then up the steeper bit to Beardown Tors with crow Tor in the distance.

Tom at the flagpole.

Back along the ridge to Beardown Farm.
Lunch at the Fox Tor cafe

Monday 28th November Child's Tomb and Black Lane Post

A solo walk starting from the little car park that leads to Peat Cott and then across to the main track from Princetown to Nun's Cross Farm. Very cold with a bitterly cold wind.

Nun's Cross with the old farm behind.  Good to see that the cone as now gone.

Around to follow the wall which runs south of Foxtor Mires and north of Fox Tor.

Looking back to Nun's Cross

Childe's Tomb

With Fox Tor behind.

I headed across to the girt this looking back across Foxtor  Mires

Fox Tor was on my right.

Through the girt towards Black Lane - looking back towards Fox Tor.

Black Lane post. This is the new post which was put in place earlier this year. More info about this

Originally it was put here as a navigation aid - this is a remote and featureless part of the moor,

Over Crane Hill with Nun's Cross farm just coming into view.

Wednesday Evening 16th November - Peat Cot

A strong cold wind as we set off from Peat Cot down the track to Older bridge. Along the leat for a while and then into the deep gully of the old tin workings. Across Newleycombe Lake and up the steep bit, through the tussocks and on to Eylesbarrow.

We found a small gulley to get out of he wind for coffee break. Back then along the main Eylesbarrow track towards Nun's Cross. Lots of work going on to upgrade the track and on to Nun's Cross with the warning signs about the work. Now who would put the cone on top of the cross.
Back to the very busy Prince of Wales. With Mike, Stella, Gill, Brenda and Kevin.

Tuesday 8th November Rippon Tor Rifle Range

Starting from Hemsworthy Gate on a dull but cold day we headed across to Top Tor.

Looking towards Haytor Rocks with Saddle Tor on the right.

Bonehill Rocks, Bell Tor and Chinkwell Tor

On a short distance to Pil Tor which overlooks Widdecombe in the Moor.

On through Blackslade Ford to Buckland Common where we turned east and down to the road. This was new territory for everyone.

Then on to the road which leads up to Rippon Tor Rifle Range - this was the troop shelter and....

...nearby is the old toilet block.

On to the stop butt for a coffee break.

Back down to the road and then up to Rippon Tor.

Past the Nut Crackers.

To the top with a different view to Haytor Rocks and Saddle Tor.

The trig point at the top.
Lunch at the Old Inn in Widdecombe. With Jon, Terry, Colin, Charlie, Peter, Brenda, Anne, Jane and Stella.