Wednesday 28th November Cherrybrook Bridge

A cold crystal clear night and bright moon. Up into the forest and across to Bellever.  Along the track to Laughter Hole Farm and up to Laughter Tor.  Then the muddy bit over to Bellever Tor before joining the track we started on. 

With John, Jon, Irving, Mike Tom and Pete

Tuesday 27th November Combestone Tor

A cool dull day as we set off downhill from Combestone Tor towards Combestone Farm past this renovated dry stone wall.

Then taking the green lane out and back on to the moor...

...which, of course was very wet...

...on in to the woods to the track built above the water pipe from Venford Reservoir.

Lucky Tor and the River Dart below...

...and Bench Tor ahead.

First over the dam at Venford Resevoir with this rather complicated overflow contraption.

Up to Bench Tor

Sunshine over the sea to the south but not on Dartmoor.

With fine view over the River Dart Valley and Mel Tor on the other side.

Back to the Reservoir and up the other side to Holne Moor.

Up and up towards Holne Ridge before turning north and back to Combestone Tor.

Past Horn's Cross.

Then on to the Church Inn which has a new and very friendly landlord.  The food was excellent.

With Chris, Roger, Charlie, Rosemary and Terry.

Wednesday 21st November Bere Penninsula

Another night of heavy rain. This was Denham Bridge with the river Tavy in full spate.

 We started from Bere Ferrers on beautiful sunny morning - the river Tavy estuary.

Up through the village...

 ...and on to the Tamar Valley Discovery Trail to the other side of the penninsula and now overlooking the  river Tamar estuary.

...across the river the village of Cargreen in Cornwall

Liphill Quay

This is the controversial field and the proposed site where the Weir Quay boat club would like to relocate to.

Weir Quay

Then up through the woods...

...and through the many puddles...

...this was shin deep and the deepest puddle!

Back to Bere Ferrers and the railway station - locked in time in a previous era.

An excellent three hour walk and then lunch in The Plough Inn.  With Liz, Ian, Helen, Pete, Kath, Anne, Stella, Brenda, Tim and Bill.

Tuesday 20th November - Raging Waters

With heavy rain forecast we decided to go for a lower level walk around Burrator Reservoir.  The moor couldn't be any wetter and then we have very heavy rain overnight.

Charlie arrives.

Just down the road to the dam and no one could remember seeing the water overflowing like this.

 The view from the other side.

Then up into the woods past Berra Tor...

...and down the slippery slope the other side

Nice weather for the ducks...

...and lots of mud in the forest.

Back to the road at the far end....

...where the usually gentle little streams had turned into raging waters

The leat was blocked by leaves and the water was cascading over the road and then down the moor.  Terry applied his sticks and removed some of the leaves.

A shorter walk than usual but a warm and friendly welcome in the Royal Oak at Meavy.  With Charlie, Roger, Chris, Terry and Rosemary - and Bud and Chris in the pub.