Wednesday evening 27th November Drizzlecombe

A relative mild evening - we set off from Ringmoor cottage taking the track which leads  directly to Ditworthy Warren House where this tree is.
Then almost at battle speed we headed over Eastern Tor through Drizzlecombe to the disused mine workings where the military had left their yellow 'Task 2' box with a golf ball by the side.  Taking our break here.
Returning along the Eylesbarrow track past the scout hut, over Gutter Tor to the Triangulation point with the memorial to the Plymouth section of the Dartmoor Rescue Group.

Back to the cars and on to the Royal Oak at Meavy.

With Tom, Mike, Anne, Peter and David.

Wednesday morning 27th November Pew Tor

Much more gloomy this morning with a heavy layer of cloud.

Eleven of us set off to the little quarry near Pew Tor - Terry pointed out he goldfish that live in the water here.

A morning for finding things. Firstly this golf ball just sitting on top of a rock - presumably someone had been practising their golf strokes up here...
 ...then a metal plug left in this granite boulder. The purpose here would have been to split the boulder along the line where the weeds are growing but this was abandoned and the plug left in the rock and it has probably been here for more  than a hundred years!

On to Pew Tor and of course some always have to get on top.

The cloud rolled in below us...

 ...and we were engulfed by the time we had reached this little dewpond.

But, by the time we had reached Heckwood Tor, where this gorse bush was coming into bloom, the cloud had dispersed again.

Down past Vixen Tor.

 Where we found a dog collar and...
 ...shortly after a horse whip.

Next into the disused quarry at Merrivale now filled with water....

...and the derelict buildings left behind...

...the quarry ceased excavating and working its own granite in the 1970's but continued to process imported stone until the 1990's when it closed.

Jon helps Terry across the busy main road - or was it the other way round?

On to the ford below Barn Hill...

...and the old smithy nearby.

Following the leat to Windy Post and the Bullseye Stone.

Next the Logan stone by Feather Tor - and this one really rocks.

Followed by an excellent lunch in the London Inn with Jon, John, Pete, Cath, Ian, Jane, Terry, Peter, Anne and David.

Tuesday 26th November Beardown Tor

A heavy frost and a bright start. Starting at Two Bridges.

In along the footpath which follows the Cowsic River.

Just below Beardown Farm.

Through the woods on Beardown Hill

Sonny didn't want to go through the gap in the gate.

On to Beardown Tor - the military were firing on the nearby range and the flag was up to warn against going into the range area.

We stood on top with the flag above us.

The view across the valley to Longaford Tor - with Higher White Tor in the far distance.

Down to...

...the weir (which was icy in places) to cross the West Dart River...

...and then back up again to...

...Higher White Tor to follow the ridge line back.

Past Longaford Tor.

By now the sky had clouded over... we returned to the cars.

With Terry, Rosemary, Brian, Roger, Chris and good to have Charlie with us again on a day off.  In the pub was Bud, Brian, Chris and a lovely little puppy called Frank!

Monday 25th November Blackey Tor

And so back to Dartmoor.  A dull morning but the sky cleared after lunch leaving me with time for a walk from Princetown.  I parked on the edge of the village and followed the wall out to...

...this boundary stone - I couldn't make out the markings.

Across to the track and on to South Hessary Tor...

...continuing along the track to Peat Cott.

A fine view of Fox Tor Mires - now you wouldn't want to go through there would you!

Down past the old little chapel and over to the Strane River - which at this point is more of a stream.

Next to it are these small blocks of granite which are known as Strane Tor.

From here I headed over Royal Hill and down to Blackey Tor.  Not many people will come here because there is no obvious route. By now the sun was getting lower and the colours were changing.

Back past the farm know as Tor Royal as the sun got even lower.

Couldn't resist a final photo with sun just before sunset.

Wednesday 13th November Bennett's Cross

The first frost of Autumn, sunshine and a glorious morning for our walk as we set off from the car park by Bennett's cross.  We usually do a circular walk but our leader for the day informed us that we were going on a figure eight walk.  This is an area with many old disused mines.

We took the path which leads directly up to Birch Tor through the old workings.

Soon we were on top of Birch Tor when we had a call from Tom...

 ...who had just parked up on the road below with David.

We headed into the mine workings  between Birch Tor and Challacombe Down.  John provided detailed information about these.

Down through the workings  - heading for the woods at Soussons Down on the top of this photo. 

Passing more workings and here is one that Tom took.

 Into the woods...

...where work was obviously going on...

...and down again...

...into the valley.

To the Golden Dagger Tin Mine...

...where John again explained how the buddles worked to extract tin ore.

Next was the steeper bit as we headed for the top of Challacombe Down.

The view back across to the Warren House Inn.

These ponies ponies came into the middle of the group.

Along the top of Challacombe Down to the Stone Row - Birch Tor in the distance.

With views over ot Hookney Tor and...


Crossing our original track...

...taking the path down to the Vitifer Mine and finally back up to the cars.

Lunch in the Warren House Inn.  With John, Jon, Ian, Bill, Pete, Anne, Terry, Peter, Tom and David.