Monday 31st October Yelverton

A change of plan - the Tuesday Walkers go walking on a Monday instead. No need to use the car today.  A gentle walk to the start with Fudge to meet the others.  From Harrowbeer along the ridge of Roborough Down towards Long Ash and time for two of our group to go off for a coffee.

For the rest of us a walk through the woods to view the new Gem Bridge taking shape across the River Walkham. One last span to put in place before the concrete slabs and railings go on top.  Not sure if this will be finished by January as originally planned.

Next up through the woods...


....and past an old addit apparantly filled with farmers rubbish

Back on to the open moor - it's the 31st October and Halloween. So what is that floating in the tree - spooks a ghost!

No just a weed which only grows on the south side of trees.

Into the woods again.

Past a dead tree with a giant fungus growing on the side.

Then return along the ridge just in time to visit the London Inn.  Good job we came on Monday. It's curry day (all for £5.75) and excellent it was to.

Out today Bud, Brian, Terry, Rosemary and Charlie - where was Roger - nothing heard OUT.

Tuesday 26th October Three Reservoirs

A beautiful interlude in a period of really bad weather. Yesterday it rained all day, but this morning was a magical drive across the moor - with a low autumn sun and whispy bits of mist.

The first of the reservoirs nearly empty.

A new warning sign - never seen one like this before.  Of course we were in a forest which is a dangerous place - you could easily slip on the leaves or trip on a rock or even fall in an empty reservoir (there being not much water to break your fall).  As we become more health and safety aware we can surely expect lots more warning signs.

And so to enjoy the autumn colours in the autumn sunshine.

This is the second reservoir and was effectively empty.

So to the third reservoir and this is the one that's got the fish in it and is reserved for the anglers.  So they are keeping all the water in this one so the fish don't die and of course they make a lot of money selling fishing permits.

All of the reservoirs were lower than when we came in August.  We are going to need a lot of rain over the winter months to fill them up or we could be in real trouble with water shortages next year!

Lunch was in The Cleave at Lusltleigh and jolly good it was to - well if you had the spare ribs that is! The  good weather interlude was over - out of the pub and back to very heavy rain again - we were lucky this morning but then I think we are very lucky every Tuesday morning to do what we do.

Walking in the sunshine today Terry, Rosemary, Harry, Charlie, Carol and Roger.

Wednesday 19th October Pork Hill

Just four of us tonight. From the car park across to Windy Post, Feather Tor and the track by Feather Tor.  From here the path to Merrivale quarry and then up to Staple Tor for a break.  Then over towards Roos Tor before turning down to the dewpond and finally the car park and on to the Whitchurch Inn.  With Keith, Sue and David.

Tuesday 18th October Higher White Tor

A bright sunny day with a cool breeze and very wet under foot.  A film crew at the Two Bridges hotel had us all wondering what's next.

Along the track and then across to Crockern Tor

On to the meeting place of the Stannary Parliament with the Parliament rock in the bottom of the photo.

 Next on to Littaford Tors and Longaford Tor and Higher White tor in the distance

Across to Fernwerthy forest

Just a few spots of rain but enough to make a rainbow in the valley below Beardown Tors.

Bearadown Tors from Longaford Tor

 Beardown Tors with Devils Tor in the far distance.

 So on to Higher White Tor with Lower White Tor to the left and Sittaford in the very far distance.

Then down into the valley....

....with Wistmans Wood in view.

To reach the weir.  Crossing here didn't seem like a good option.. we just went downstream a little to cross over the boulders.

That left us with the really steep bit to get up to the top of Beardown Tors accompanined by the constant rat-a-tat of the gunfire on the military firing range over by Holming Beam.

Looking back to Longaford Tor.....

Then the final leg back to the cars through the woods on Beardown Hill.

Walking today, Bud, Paul, Charlie, Terry, Rosemary, Roger and Carol

Wednesday 12th October Princetown

Thick fog everywhere and soggy under foot!  Out from the car park and off to Hart Tor, Black Tor then across the road to Leeden Tor. Then down to the old railway track, by the bridge, cut the corner and rejoin the track by Foggintor Quarry and return to Princetown. Easy.

With John, Jon, Keith, Sue, Mike S, Liz and Pete

Tuesday 11th October Great Links Tor

Another gloomy day with the low cloud hanging over the top of the moor.

Brat Tor in the cloud.

We set out from High Down to the stepping stones and then up between Arms and Brat Tor.

Arms Tor.

The boundary stone near Dick's Well

Then a turn to the north and towards Great Links Tor - slowly it emerged out of the mist.

Around the back of Great Links Tor.  Is this a man made fireplace or just a natural phenomenon?

Eventually we came to the track.  All down hill from here.

Lower still and out of the cloud - looking across to Great Nodden

Nearly back down and the the cloud has gone completely.

Brat Tor, Hare Tor and Doe Tor

Finally to the Fox and Hounds.

Walking today Charlie, Roger, Terry and Rosemary