Tuesday 29th August around Brixton

Starting from Otter Nurseries in Brixton. Briefly on the old railway track and then on a footpath towards Halwell.

Around the edge of the fields where the straw bales were being collected.

A tight squeeze.

On the road for a while to Spriddlestone then down a green lane.

Down to the edge of a large disused quarry.  'They' don't want you to go in.

The disused quarry taken through the gate.

On to the disused railway line to the edge of the Yealm Estuary

Where the railway line bridge used to go across the water.

We were not alone.

The view down the estuary.

A canteen style lunch at Otter Nurseries - the quality of the food was excellent. With Anne, Brenda, Jane, Stella, Mike, Jon, Terry and Charlie

Wednesday Evening 23rd August Bellever

Just three of us for the evening walk from the Hairy Hands bridge. Into the forest and we found this fly agaric.

Out through the edge of the wood we were amused with this carved clockface on an old stump with...

...a compass pointing north on top.  Nearby.....

...a little table made from two stumps. Presumably all done by a chap handy with his chain saw.

Up through the heather to....

...Bellever Tor where the setting sun was stuck behind a bank of cloud.

The actual sunset was nothing special.

We continued down to the gate on the way to Laughter Tor and the sky behind us started to glow

The colours became more intense....

...as the  sun - now below the horizon - started to reflect on the underside of the cloud...

...the colours slowly became more....

...and more vibrant. A wonderful sight indeed.

We stopped on Laugher Tor a coffee and went back down to the forest.

As the sky glowed ever more orange.

With Jon and Brenda.

Tuesday 22nd August 2017 Great Mis Tor

A cool and very misty Dartmoor as we set out for Four Winds.

Little Mis Tor emerges out of the mist

On to Great Mis Tor, spectacular views from here but not today

We headed down to the River Walkham and the small weir created for the take off of water for the Grimstone and Sortridge leat. The water in the leat creates the illusion that it is flowing uphill! A coffee break here.

Bill and his dogs

Charlie and Nat

The view back up the valley as the mist starts to lift. The bleak and remote landscape so typical of Dartmoor

We headed downstream

The view through to Merrivale

Somehow several of us inadvertently detached ourselves from the main group below.

Looking back to Merrivale with the quarry and Staple Tors
Lunch in the Dartmoor Inn at Merrivale and with a wait of over an hour for food it is unlikely we will be returning any time soon. With Jane, Bill, Charlie, Nat, Terry, Jon, Tylo, John, Sue, Keith, Tom, Brenda and Anne

Tuesday 15th August 2017 Yes Tor

Ten of us for the walk today in perfect weather conditions.

Starting from just below Rowtor we took the  track directly to the top.

The firing buts and Target Railway below.

Firing Buts - Terry fired from here in his military days

The old metal target...

...and bullet marks

Engine shed for the Target Railway

On to East Mill Tor

Tylo inspects the military communication point.

Upwards towards Dinger Tor

Dinger Tor with High Willhays in the distance

A picnic lunch on High Willhays

On to Yes Tor

Then down to Pixies Pool

Finally across to West Mill Tor

Down to the track and back to the cars.