Tuesday 27th June 2017 Shilley Pool

On a warm, humid day with very little breeze we starting from South Zeal, a place most of us have driven past but never actually been to. Eventually, everyone found the car park. We went into the village and then out on a footpath past this interesting door

Then up, through the 'in' land on to the open moor. There are lots of footpaths in this area all leading to the moor.

South Zeal below.

We didn't go up to Cosden but contoured in a southerly direction to Cosdon Row, a the triple stone row. 

And, then across to....

...one of the boggy areas (Cheriton Combe)  to explore....

...the wild flowers.

Down to cross Blackaton Brook which....

...flows down to Shilley Pool...

...where we stopped for lunch and some had a dip in the water.

The route back took us over Ramsley Hill.

Where there is a brick capped chimney. This marks the site of Ramsley copper mine which operated between 1860 and 1880.

Good to walk in an area we don't get to very often.  With Stella, Mike, John, Terry, Jane and Charlie.

Tuesday 20th June 2017 Hapstead Ford and Ryder's Hill

On one of the hottest days for walking on Dartmoor but there was some relief with a cooling breeze.  From Combestone Tor and gently up to Horn's Cross.

Past the boundary stone and through the girts.

The sheep were all sheltering from the sun under the only tree  - very clever and not nearly as stupid as they sometimes appear.

Through the bog cotton....

To Hapstead Ford for a coffee.

Up the valley stopping to look at the orchids....

...and bog cotton.

Past Mardle Head....

...to Petre's Boundary Stone on Ryders Hill. At least we beat the other rambling group from Newton Abbott to the top. Another view of Red Lake in the distance.

Then very gently down to Hooton Wheals.

An old wheel pit and the ponies.

We avoided the tussocky stuff by contouring round and following an old leat and then gently back down to Combestone Tor.

An excellent lunch at the re-furbished Forest Inn, at least it is open on a Tuesday during the summer. Afterwards some went for a paddle and a swim. With Jon, Mike, Charlie, Anne and Jane.

Tuesday 13th 2017 June Shipley Bridge

Five years since I did a walk from Shipley Bridge and I had forgotten what a horrible route in it is from South Brent. A beautiful warm sunny morning with little breeze and the ground was surprisingly dry after the heavy rain at the weekend. We took the road up past the Filtration Station before joining the Zeal tramway. A brief coffee stop just below Petre's Pit and then on to Petre's Cross on Western White Barrow. Down the hill and briefly on the Two Moors Way before crossing over the Clapper Bridge. Downstream to Huntingdon Cross and then across the ford to find the old remains of the Keble Martins Chapel where we had our picnic. Back around the Avon reservoir.

On the Zeal tramway-  the cattle line up to watch us go past

Petre's Cross on Western White Barrow

Redlake came into view but we were not going there today.

Down the hill to cross over the Clapper Bridge

Huntingdon Cross

Through the ford

Past the remains of the Huntingdon Mine wheelpit.

Kebel Martin's Chapel 

The inscription reads 'Keble Martin open an Chapel 1903 divine worship last held here 11 July 1982 text thou God seest me Gen 16 v13'. Worth noting that the grid reference for the chapel is SX 666 666.

Huntingdon Warren farm above.

Over the tussocky stuff to re-join the Two Moors Way for a short distance.

Avon reservoir comes into view.

Then the long walk down the tarmac track and back to Shipley Bridge. I took the alternative route out which was much better.  With Brenda, Stella, Mike, Charlie, Terry, Amber and Colin.

Tuesday 6th June 2017 Manaton

A morning of sunshine and showers. Out from the cricket ground and church, but a new route through the wall to get on to the track.

Up to Manaton Rock with this fine view across to Hay Tor on the left and Bowerman's Nose on the right. 

For the most part our route was the same as on previous walks except for the walk down to Foxworthy and of course it's always good to find a new path.

Up past Peck Farm with the award winning longhorn cattle.

To Hunters Tor to get down behind the wall and out of the wind for a coffee break.

Then along the ridge and steeply down to the Old Clam bridge. For years the old bridge has been barricaded off to try and prevent people from crossing. Recently the rails have been re-furbished and the bridge has re-opened.

Finally the steeper bit back up to Water and to the Kestor Inn for lunch. With Mike, Stella, Amber and Brenda