Wednesday 31st August Fernworthy

Go past the Warren House Inn, turn left, go through all the horrible narrow lanes and keep going until you get to the end of the road - then you are ready to start the walk.  Through the forest for a short while.

Past a beech tree all alone in a forest to conifers...

...and out onto the open moor

With Thornworthy Tor in this distance

Then go looking for the Three Boys (the standing stones that is), but we couldn't find them.

Past the Long Stone with Kestor Rock in the distance...

 ..looking back to the forest.

 Past another stone row just before Batworthy Corner.

 Stop for a while to look at the amazing sunset.

Then over to Kestor Rock for a short break with the sun going down.

From here across to Middle Tor, Frenchbeer Rock and Thornworthy Tor before returning to the cars through the forest and on to the Warren House Inn.

Just the three of us tonight with Jon and Mike.

Tuesday 30th August High Willhayes

A walk on high dartmoor to the highest point on the moor starting from the military camp at Okehampton. A warm humid day but not a lot of sunshine.

We took the military road up towards Rowtor.

Rowtor, West Mill Tor and Yes Tor.

On Rowtor looking east across to Higher Tor, Belston Tor and Cosden Hill in the distance...

..then south east to Oke Tor and Steeperton Tor..

..towards East Mill Tor...

 ..south west to West Mill Tor

From here we went down to the old military firing range with the firing butts

The bullet-scarred solid metal target

Just behind this is the old railway track used for moving the target along the firing range.

 From here we took the track around West Mill Tor up to...

..Yes Tor

On Yes Tor with superb views

..north east to West Mill Tor, Belstone Tor and Cosden Hill...

...west to Branscomb's Loaf, Sourton Ridge and Shelstone Tor...

 ....due south to High Willhayes

Then a short walk along the ridge to the highest point on Dartmoor - High Willhayes.  From here we could see the sea to the south at Rame Head and to the north at Bideford Bay - a reminder that we live on a narrow penninsula.

Looking north to Yes Tor...

..south towards Great Mis Tor and Staple Tor

Then across to Dinger Tor for our lunch.  There was no cream tea or giant waiting.

Across to Lints Tor with Amicombe Hill in the background

From here we took the track across to the Eas Mill Tor.

Looking across to High Willhayes on the left and Yes Tor on the right.  Yes Tor always looks higher than High Willhayes but it is in fact 2 metres lower.

East Mill Tor

Then down to the track again

Walking today Charlie, Harry, Terry and Rosemary

Tuesday 23rd August - Roos Tor

A grey day again but apart from a few spots there was no rain. A circular route out to Roos Tor and White Tor to find and pick mushrooms.

From Pork Hill car park and up to Middle Staple Tor.

Across to Great Staple Tor

Back to Pew Tor...

...Vixen Tor

..across to Cox Tor

 From Great Staple Tor across to Mary Tavy

Next on to Roos Tor with White Tor in the distances

On Roos Tor 'I'm the king of the castle now - this stone rocks!'

 The view across to Great Mis Tor

Then on to the wall corner 

looking back at Great Mis Tor and Roos Tor

Up to the battle scarred standing stone with Great Mis Tor in the background

On top of White Tor looking across to Lynch Tor with Fur Tor and Cut Hill in the far distance - proper Dartmoor out there.

Across to Tavy Cleave with Great Links Tor in the distance

Then down to Stephen's Grave

Through a wet bit to the short footpath through the enclosed land.

Then a bit of climb up to the dew pond with Roos Tor behind

...and back to the cars for lunch in the Dartmoor Inn at Merrivale - some of the food was ok but you couldn't say that about the service!  Might give that one a miss in future.

Oh, and the mushrooms - loads and loads apparently on a previous walk at this time of the year - but this time there were none!   But, we still had a good walk!

Walking today Linda, Charlie, Roger, Carol, Terry, Rosemary and Harry

Finally a team photo from the Tuesday Walker's BBQ on Sunday