Wednesday 18th January Double Waters

Seven tonight for the walk on a warm drizzly night.  From Long Ash we went across the moor and  down a very slippery muddy path to have a look at progress on Gem Bridge.  Getting closer to completion and I would think should it should be finished in another couple of months. From here to Grenofen Bridge and then along the river to Double Waters for a short break before deciding to take the slightly shorter route back. On to the London Inn with Mike, Stella, Keith, Pete, Anne and Charles.

Tuesday 17th January 2012 Grimspound

A proper winter's day for a change, with heavy frost in places and making it firm under foot again with a misty, moody moor ahead of us.

Past some of the remaining posts erected during the second world war to prevent German gliders from landing.
On to the memorial dedicated to the Royal Air Force bomber which crashed here in 1941....

...where we were joined by a group of walkers from Exmouth - you come out here to get away from it all and this happens!

Next up to Broad Barrow on  Hameldown  and time for a short break and a team photo.

A short walk then to Hameldown Tor (28)...

...with a view across to Hookney Tor (29) and Grimspound in the valley below...

...and down to Grimspound a Bronze Age settlement - one of the 24 hut circles

Then up to Hookney Tor (30)...

...where Charlie pointed out there is a face in somewhere in those rocks.

Across to Shapley Tor (31), which is not so much of a tor as a few outcrops of rocks.

With the car park in sight the sun at last started to break through.

A short drive to the Warren House Inn for lunch.  On today's walk Carol, Roger, Amber, Colin, Rosemary, Terry, Linda and Charlie.

Friday 13th January Gutter Tor and War Horse

With War Horse launching today  a chance to revisit the site where some of the film was made.  We started at Gutter Tor car park and walked to the top of Gutter Tor (24)

From the top of Gutter Tor this is the view today looking across to Sheepstor with Nator farm below...

...and this was the view on 9th September 2010.

Looking the other way towards Ditsworthy Warren House....

...and again in 2010.  Apparently there were 400 people working on these two sites during filming.

From here we walked across to Legis Tor (25)

Next back towards Ditsworthy Warren House

Past this very clever sheep standing on the fence (or was it an illusion?)

Ditsworthy Warren House (home of the Narracott family in the film) - now stripped back to its original condition.

Shown here as in the film with the temporary thatched roof made from polystyrene.....

...and during the building of the temporary barn.

Some action shots

We continued the short distance to Eastern Tor (26)


Looking towards Higher Hartor Tor

Then on to Whittenknowles Rocks (27)  no real sign of a tor here just lots of rocks amongst the hut circles.

Returning to the car past the scout hut.

Followed by lunch in the Royal Oak at Meavy.

A few more location photos here

And the film....  Brilliant, a lovely story and beautiful shots of Dartmoor

Gem Bridge Update

Devon County Council have provided this link which shows the final span being put in place on 1st December 2011 - view here

Wednesday 11th January Beardown Tors

Seven of us on a cool misty evening. From Two Bridges out past Beardown Farm and along to Beardown Tors (22).  Then down to the weir for coffee and a break. Next up to Longaford Tor and along the ridge to Littaford Tors (23) and Crockern Tor (24).  Then to the Plume of Feathers.  Walking tonight Jon, Mike, Raz, Stella, Pete and Anne

Tuesday 10th January Kestor Rock

There was thick hill fog at Princetown but by the time we arrived in Postbridge there was sunshine in the distance but it wasn't to last as it was interspersed with showers and very mild for the time of the year.  We didn't start from our usual place but went right to the end of the road by Fernworthy Reservoir and then up through the forest to come out almost at the most northerly part of the forest.

High up on the exposed edge of the trees it was apparent there had been strong winds with the trees (in shallow soil)  just leaning over like matchsticks.

The only obstacle on the whole route was the new barbed wire fence which was just a little bit tricky although teamwork got everyone over safely.

Then over to Stonetor Hill to find Stone Tor (17).  This little tor is hidden in the wall for Teighhead Farm and you probably wouldn't find it if you didn't know it was there.

We then went around a boggy bit and towards Batworthy corner.  In the distance the military helecopters were on exercise on the moor.


Near Batworthy Corner where there are several distinct stone rows. 

A gentle walk up to Kestor Rock (18)

On top of Kestor Rock is the largest rock basin on Dartmoor, a completely natural feature carved out by the wind and rain over thousands of years.  In the past this had metal railings around to prevent the sheep from falling in but these have long since been removed - the sheep today are not considered to be at risk if they fall in!

Next over to Middle Tor (19)....

Looking across to Frenchbeer Rock from Middle Tor - when the drizzle came down - one of the walks wetter moments!

....and on to Frenchbeer Rock (20)

Looking across to Thornworthy Tor from Frenchbeer Rock....

....and back to Middle Tor

Onwards to Thornworthy Tor (21) with a view of Fernworthy Reservoir nicely full again after all the rain.

B & Q maybe but you don't expect to find one of these in the middle of the moor!

Back to the forest and then finally to the Warren House Inn where Chris and Budd were waiting.

A good number on the walk today with Paul, Carol, Roger, Terry, Rosemary, Charlie and good to have Amber and Colin just back from their long break in America.