Wednesday 18th June Hound Tor

Walking in the same area as last Wednesday but a different starting place and route.  Very dull on the east side of the moor at the begining compared with the west but it got much brighter during the walk.

Parking at Hound Tor car park up and around the tor to find these little calves and their very protective mothers.

Down through the medieval village and down again to Becka Brook.

Up the other side and instead of going straight up to Smallacombe Rocks we followed the path around Black Hill...

...with this view back to Hound Tor...

...and this towards Easdon Tor

Soon we were on the steep bit up to Black Hill with this back view across to Easdon Tor.

The cairn on Black Hill with Haytor in the distance.

We followed the ridge to Haytor Quarry where the children form Tiverton School were on a day trip.

Water Lilies in the pool in the quarry.

The school children head off towards the medieval village and we...

...headed up to Haytor.

Next over to Emsworthy Rocks to find the path back down to Becka Brook - with this view towards Holwell Tor.

We overshoot the path and ended up in some boggy and tricky ground....

...but we found a way through and were soon going back up the other side...

...and back to Hound Tor

Looking back to Haytor.

Just for a change lunch was from the snack bar parked in the car park. With Jon, Jane and Terry.

Wednesday 11th June Haytor

A Blipmeet today with John and Ann.  John and I spent most of our careers doing the exactly the same job but in different parts of the country.  I joined the company in 1967 and first met John when he joined in 1969 in Birmingham.  I haven't seen him for 13 years and we have recently re-established contact through Blip. As you can see they are both keen photographers

They were staying in Moretonhampstead and we met at Haytor Vale.  Our first stop was the old quarry just below Haytor.

 Out of the quarry and across to the granite tramway which was used to move granite from the quarry to Teignmouth.

Nearby were some ponies by a dewpond.

Across to Smallcombe Rocks with the quarry at Howell Tor in the background.

Looking towards Hound Tor.

Next down to Becka Brook and the steep bit up to Hound Tor.

Around the back of Greator Rocks....

...and back down to Becka Brook. 

Up towards Emsworthy Rocks and on to Haytor

... with children abseiling for the first time.

Finally back down to the car park...

...followed by lunch in the Rugglestone Inn

Monday 9th June Bagga Tor

A bright sunny morning but overcast in the afternoon  This was more of a meander than a walk and an opportunity to explore this area in a bit more detail.

Bagga Tor with Bodmin Moor in the far distance

The other way towards Tavy Cleave with Hare Tor in the distance

This was my route out towards Lynch Tor

Lynch Tor but I didn't go there today instead I headed over to the side of....

...Standon Hill.

Across this lovely little stream.

I didn't go on top of Standon Hill but contoured along the side of it.  This large piece of granite looked like it had been worked on as some time and then abandonded.

At the bottom of Standon Hill I took the 'funnel' which leads to the River Tavy.

This is the flood plain with some rich vegetation.

On to the longest footbridge on Dartmoor

I then took the tricky route alongside the river (I won't do that again) to arrive at the stepping stones which are in two parts.... the easier bit....

...and the longer bit.  Both easy today but not when the river is higher.

Then back up to Bagga Tor.

Past the May blossom

Wednesday 4th June Merrivale

The 4th June and a temperature of  7.5C at the start which was just up from Merrivale.  Heavy rain overnight and heavy showers first thing but the air was clear with lots of sunshine. Just three of us this morning.  Firstly back down the main road and into the track which leads to Daveytown.

Looking across to Staple Tor - still some bluebells and the May blossom is at its best.

Across to Vixen Tor

Past these pipes which make an interesting pattern and...

...into the remains of Longash farm - where you can still see the base used for the haystack.

Back down to the track

Through the woods

Up towards Criptor farm where we got our only shower of the morning while having our coffee break.

Continuing along the track towards Criptor before heading up to the old railway line and...

...into the quarry on the side of Ingra Tor.

Along the old railway line.

Looking back to Fur Tor and Leeden Tor and...

...into the cutting around King Tor

Then across to the standing stone, circle and stone rows at Merrivale...

 ...and back to the cars

Lunch at the Prince of Wales.  With Jon and Anne