Tuesday 26th April Bluebell Woods

The larger group left the car park at Lowery Cross to go around the top of the reservoir, following the leat for a while before going down to Norsworthy Bridge.

Next to the car park by the arboretum (where the others had started) and then through the arboretum to follow the path west of Sheeps Tor

With fantastic view across the reservoir

...to Leather Tor

...Yennadon Down (with the lower water line visble)
...Peek Hill plantation

Across to Gutter Tor

Into Sheeps Tor churchyard to see the tomb of the Rajah of Sarawak.

...and a slow worm slithering around in the grass

Then on to the bluebell woods......

Before going on to the Royal Oak at Meavy where we caught up with Bud, Christine, Charlie and Brian. Rosemary produced Ling to meet with Dukis

After lunch we returned to the cars by following the path up to the original leat which ran from below Burrator Dam and then up on to Yennadon Down.

Walking today, Terry, Rosemary, Carol, Roger, Paul, Linda and in the other group Bud, Christine, Brian and Charlie

Wednesday 20th April Ringmoor Cottage and the Space Station

From Ringmoor cottage we set off towards Ditworth Warren House

Looking towards Ditsworthy Warren House with Hen Tor on the right

Looking back towards Gutter Tor, Sheepstor and Leather Tor

From Ditworthy Warren House we went up Easdon Tor. Then e we followed the path to the left of Drizzle Combe to the Eylesbarrow Tin Mine where we stopped for a break and observed the Space Station zooming across the sky (around the earth every two hours).

We followed the track back  and went over Gutter Tor to return to the cars at  Ringmoor Cottage.

On the walk Tom, Tony, Mike, Stella, Jon, John, Keith, Sue, Irving, Mike and David

Tuesday 19th April Fowey to Polkerris

An excursion to the seaside!

From the car park we took the long footpath down to Readymoney and then up on to the coast path to get views out across the estuary

Then along the path and up and down to the small beaches along the route


 Into the woods below Gribbin Head with the blue bells fully out....

 ...the wild garlic...

...and wild orchids

 Past Gribbin Tower

For lunch in Polkerris

Then across country to Fowey and a special bus stop

Walking today Linda, Terry, Rosemary and Harry

Wednesday 13th April

We set off from Four Winds to the long Stone Row to the West

and then to the Standing Stone. 

From here we crossed the stream and up to King Tor.  On to Swelltor Quarry and then over to the railway line.  We followed this for a while and then up to North Hessary Tor.  On the way down we came across a group of soldiers on Hollow Tor before returning to the cars.

On tonights walk Irving, Tony, Jon, David, Mike and Stella

Tuesday 12th April Hamel Down

A bright sunny day but with a cool wind and outstanding views.  We all started from Bennets Cross - the main group going directly to Birch Tor through the many Girts in this area. Bud and Brian went their own way through the old mine workings.

Looking back towards the Warren House Inn

From Birch Tor we joined the Two Moors Way for a while before going to Shapley tor.  From here we followed the ridge to Hookney Tor.

Looking towards the Warren House Inn from Hookney Tor

Next to Grimspound and up the steep slope to Hameldown Tor

Just as we started along the ridge a whirly bird came to entertain us - we half expected Bud and Brian to get out........

To our left Hound Tor, Honeybag Tor, Haytor and Chinkwell Tor.

 We stopped for lunch above Widecombe in the Moor.....

 ....with Haytor, Saddle Tor and Rippon Tor in front to our left

A little while after this we went down to the the road by Gamble Cot and followed this to the medieval village of Challacombe

 Where there were many spring lambs
The return route took us to the edge of Soussons Down and up past the remains  Golden Dagger and  Vitifer Mines

Finally back to the cars

Walking today Terry, Rosemary, Colin, Amber, Charlie and Bud and Brian

..and finally congratulations to Terry pictured after completing the Tavisock half marathon on Sunday

Wednesday 6th April Gutter Tor

The RV was Gutter Tor CP but we didn't go to Gutter Tor! 

There was some playing with the boomerang before we started but it wouldn't come back.

After a briefing from our leader we set off for the track....

...and onwards to the first of our river crossings.

 It was here that Tom made quite a splash.

 Next across to Shavercombe  brook for a brief stop at the beautiful hidden waterfall and our second river crossing.

Onwards for our final river crossing at Plym Steps and then a short break at Lower Hartor Tor. Up to Higher Hartor Tor and back to the cars.  Not only did we have daylight this week but a setting sun and perfect conditions for an evening walk. 

Walking tonight Tom, John, Irving, Mike, Keith, Sue, Charles and David.