Tuesday 28th March Brown's House

A proper Dartmoor walk from Postbridge. Out through Braddon Lake and on to Row Tor.  There was some difference of opinion as to exactly where the Row Tor is. There are a number of granite outcrops over a fairly wide area and Row Tor covers the whole area which was under discussion.  It is also know as Braddon Tor and Hoax Tor. Then on to Brown's House. The route out was not as boggy as expected but there is a tricky stream to cross which is a little bit of a mire. The real boggy bit is on the way back to Lower White Tor. This is not a place for the inexperienced walker in difficult weather conditions. Into the bottom of Hollowcombe Bottom to then to follow the wall around the edge of Archerton bog returning through Archerton and back to Postbridge. Lunch in the Prince of Wales with Terry, Mike, Jon, Jane, Charlie and Brenda.

The iconic gate to the moor at the end of the track from Postbridge.

Looking across Broad Down

From the same spot looking back to Postbridge

On the highest part of  Row Tor with Rough Tor in the far distance.

Across to Lower White Tor and Higher White Tor. We set off to Brown's House.

Arriving at Brown's House.

Lower White Tor looking back to Brown's House - the track is much more clearly identified than when I was last there.

From Lower looking across to Broad Down - a threatening sky but only a few drops of rain.

The Carin and Cist near the stream which exits the Archerton bog.

Wednesday Evening 22nd March - Smeardown Down

The last evening walk in complete darkness as the clocks move forward at the weekend. Our route took us from the quarry car park up the track past Stephen's Grave, over White Tor, past the range hut to the Langstone. From here we headed north to Hare Tor (not the usual one) but a new one that Jon had found. Back to the wall corner, through Wedlake and finally over Setters Tor. To our surprise the Peter Tavy Inn was open - a real bonus. With Jon, Mike and Stella.

The view from the car park, Tavistock on the left

The Langstone

The little rock known as Hare Tor (GR 551791)

Tuesday 21st March - Venford Falls

Good to be back with the Tuesday group for a Dartmoor walk. The weather threw everything at us today. Bright sunshine at the start but with a bitterly cold wind as we left Combestone Tor and went down to Combestone. Along the track which leads across to Venford. 

A very heavy shower over the dam and then down to Venford Falls on the the Venford Brook.

Up to follow the pipeline track for a while....

....and then the path up to Bench Tor. Looking down the Dart valley

Across to Mel Tor

Then back down to the dam over the reservoir and gently up to Horns Cross.

As we walked down to the cars a heavy hail storm which made for a very tricky drive out down the steep and twisty road at Hexworthy. The sleet turned to snow on the way to...

....Princetown which had been turned into a winter wonderland.

The Prince of Wales was busy with a private party so it was on to the Plume of Feathers.

With Raz, Stella, Jon, Charlie, Terry, Peter, Brenda, Anne, Bill and Phil.