Wednesday 24th January - Leaving Dartmoor

So the big day finally arrived. One of much sadness but also excitement at a new start. We have left so that we can be much closer to our family and our young grandson Henry.

A typical wet Dartmoor day.

I have been fortunate to live in Devon twice, once during the 1980's when I was a member of the Dartmoor Rescue Group and again within Dartmoor National Park from 2009 to 2018. I have been all over Dartmoor in different weather conditions and different seasons.

Whilst I anticipate returning frequently this will be the final entry in this blog. My home is no longer on Dartmoor but my heart remains.....

My thanks to those of you who have followed this blog and my journey. At the time of writing this on 31st March 2018 there have been 118,761 views - I never expected that when I started!

Tuesday 16th January Meavy

Always good to start from the pub.

We took the very muddy track out of the village and on to the lane which leads to Lovaton

A coffee break by the large gulley. This is actually next to the road.

Up to the Birsworthy Plantation where the military were again having another exercise.

Then over Ringmoor Down and on towards Sheepstor with unusual lighting giving a fine iconic view of Dartmoor.

Around Burrator reservoir

Back to the Royal Oak. A special birthday for Ann and some sadness for me. This was the end of my last walk on Dartmoor for a while.

Tuesday 9th January Gutter Tor

Starting out from the car par below Gutter Tor. Half a mile a way the military were on exercise and we could clearly hear the commands being bellowed out!

Up over Gutter Tor

Over the stile and on towards Ringmoor Cottage....

...then south toward Brisworthy to stop at the large stone circle for the coffee break.

Through Legis Lake, up and....

.. over Legis Tor then down through the clitter to follow the River Plym to...

Ditsworthy Warren House.

Over Eastern Tor and back to the cars where the military were now resting.

Tuesday 2nd January 2018 - Peat Cot

A very wet start for the first walk of the new year. We set out from Peat Cot with the rain coming in sideways from a strong cooling breeze.

Out along the track and past Nun's Cross with the farm just visible in the photo.

The ground is totally saturated after the many winter storms. Gently up past one of the boundary stones..... Eylesbarrow. Then down to the remains of the old tin mine for the coffee stop.

Along the track which leads past Plym Ford.....

.....then over the hill to the restored little cross (Northmore's Cross) as the rain stopped and the clouds lifted just a little

A very slight diversion to the inscribed cross lower down the hill.

Then across the leat, through the ford and back around Nun's Cross Farm.
As ever a fine lunch in the very quiet Prince of Wales. With Jon, Mike, Stella, Brenda, Charlie, Colin, Amber and Bill

Tuesday Morning 19th December - around Whitchurch

A circular walk from Whitchurch which took us over Shorts Down, Plaster Down and Whitchurch Down. We started from the church but there was nowhere to park because the local primary school was having its annual carol service.

A frosty morning with the frost still visible in the shade on the other side of the valley.

Shorts Down where we passed the local walk and talk group.
On to Plaster Down where we followed the boundary stones for a while

The winter flowering of the gorse is starting.

Fallen and removed....

A coffee stop on the leat by the twelve mile stone (twelve miles from Plymouth that is

Around the reflective dew pond

Then down to a little stream which flows in to the River Tavy....

....and finally over the golf course

....past Pixies Cross
Lunch in the not so busy Whitchurch Inn. With Anne, Jon, Tyrone, Brenda, Stella, Colin, Amber, Terry, Harry, Charlie and Peter.

Wednesday Evening 13th December 2017 - Morwellham

An evening wander around the woods at Morewellham. Along the railway line to New Quay then up to the canal and back down again. All followed by sausage rolls, mince pies and drinks. Thank you Stella and Mike. Also with John, Jill, Pete, Jon and Anne.

Tuesday 12th December 2017 - Bleak House

A very icy start with pedestrians obviously struggling on the untreated pavements in Tavistock. So very gently out to the Fox and Hounds.  Up to Nodden Gate then along King Wall to find....

King Way Cross.  You can just make out the Greek style cross at the base of the stone. Much more about the cross on Legendary Dartmoor

Then a loop around to cross the track and directly up to the higher level of the track.

Looking south with Great Links Tor on the left, Little Links Tor in the centre and Arms Tor on the right.

Over to Gren Tor and then on to Hunt Tor for the coffee break

The view from Hunt Tor to Great Links Tor

 From here directly south to the track leading to Bleak House with Green Tor behind where we met Anne and Stella who had missed the start of the walk.

Fur Tor just visible on the left. We took the track back past Dick's Well

Sharp Tor and Hare Tor

Brat Tor in the distance.

Down over Arms Tor to the ford below Nodden Gate. Lunch in the very busy Fox and Hounds where they had 37 for Christmas lunch. No delays and our food was served very quickly. With Bill, Peter, Charlie, Terry, Colin, Amber, Stella and Anne.