Wednesday 25th May Burrator

So instead of thrashing from tor to tor a more informed walk around the reservoir to see the things you might not see.

From the dam down to the River Meavy back up the other side through the bluebell woods (now well past their best) to see Burrator Tor

With this part in the field... 

..and this part in the woods

Then down to the road and the reservoir and this one is well down as well - so South West Water must have lots of water somewhere else!

On to a disused farm..

...with an apple crusher and granite troughs nearby
 and a place for extracting the grain using wind.

We followed a road normally covered by water to the weir at the end of the reservoir and by now it was raining. Around the north of the reservoir and back once more fairy land...

Through the woods again to an old road called Wembly Way.  This used to go through the reservoir but is now a place where various items are kept from places now flooded by the water.

And then on to the Royal Oak.  Walking tonight John, Mike, Raz, Tom, David, Keith, Sue, Pete and Anne

Tuesday 24th May Meldon Reservoir

We set off from Prewley walking towards Shelstone Tor but then cut down the valley to cross the river and then walk around the reservoir

From Prewley looking down the valley towards Meldon

Towards Shelstone Tor, Black Tor and Dinger Tor

The reservoir was very low - probably much less than 50% full. The good news, however, is that South West Water are confident they will not be any shortages! This means, of course that they must have loads of water somewhere else.........

 A lone heron on the other side of the reservoir

 Then down the many steps below the dam, a while since any water has flowed down here.

Following the trickle of a river to the viaduct with Bud and Brian waiting at the top

And then along the old railway line - you never know what kind of weird characters you might find out on the loose.......
 Over the Lake viaduct and down to the Bearslake Inn for lunch in the garden

Finally back up to the railway line and out on the moor below Sourton Tors before returning to the cars.

Walking today Terry, Rosemary, Roger, Carol, Paul, Bud and Brian

Wednesday 18th May Top Tor

On a cool evening 6 of us set off from Hemsworthy Gate.  First to Top Tor, then Pil Tor and Tunhill Rocks for a team photo.


Along the track to Blackslade Ford and back up near the road where someone had been working to repair the wall.

Onwards to Buckland Beacon and the Ten Commandments Stone for a short break before going on to Welstor Rock.

Back across the road and up to Rippon Tor passing Nut Crackers (Logan Stone) which one climbed up alone.

....and on to the Rugglestone Inn.

Tuesday 17th May Haytor and more Bluebells

From Top Tor car park to Bonehill rocks, Chinkwell Tor and Honeybag Tor

Honeybag Tor from Chinkwell Tor

With no direct path to Hound Tor we had to double back on ourselves and found a lamb with his head stuck in the wire fence.  Terry and Roger lifted him out and off he went back to his Mum. Then through a boggy bit before meeting the road to Hound Tor. To everyone's amazement there were bluebells everywhere.

Greator Rocks

To the medieval village where school children were having a history lesson

Down to the river and up the other side for lunch

Across to the Haytor Tramway.

Into the quarry where Terry stood on a log for the blog.

Next up to Haytor Rocks over to Saddle Tor and return to the cars

Walking today Terry, Rosemary, Roger and Linda

Sunday 15th May Tavy Cleave

With three generations of the Bumford family (Terry, Rosemary, Paul and Harry) a walk through Tavy Cleave to Amicombe Hill and a reminder of previous times.

The river at its lowest with no real rain for weeks

Tadpoles in the sunshine

To near the spot where Rosemary broke her ankle and a time to cast out the demons!

Then up the hill to where the Dartmoor Rescue Group were camped out for Ten Tors.  We were made most welcome and time to catch up with a couple of old friends.  

Quite a lot has changed since I was here 24 years ago - chemical toilets, fresh water in cans, mess tents - oh and no need to walk in anymore, courtesy of the helicopters.  Seems very soft (or sophisticated) compared with the past!!

Then back to the cars taking the higher route

Tavy Cleave Tor

Wednesday 11th May Bodmin Moor

On a clear cool evening to Minions.  From the car park and past The Hurlers

With Stowe's Hill and the Cheeswring in the background

To a disused quarry - Sharp Tor in the background

Twelve Men's Moor

Past  an old farm (or quarry building)

Next across to Twelve Mens's Moor with the sun setting in the west.

To Sharp Tor for the break. A much weathered rock - is the mouth of a whale, or the end of spanner or a figure 2??

Then over to the Cheesewring and to the pub.

Walking tonight Ann, Pete and Jon