Tuesday 25th July Princetow to Dousland Bus Walk

Thirteen for the walk this morning - was it the novelty of the bus ride from Dousland to Princetown (and it being the 9.23am it meant that everyone had to pay)....

...or the fact that we had breakfast first at the very bus Fox Tor Café....

...or that it was just a very, very nice hot summers day as we headed out on to the moor.

As we got close to Hart Tor it felt like we were under attach as two low flying giant Hercules aircraft came up over the horizon heading straight for us and then veering away at the last minute.

Hart Tor

Down past the stone rows to Black Tor Falls stopping at the adjacent blowing house with number 13 inscribed in the lintel in roman numerals.

Black Tor Falls

The river Meavy with Leather Tor in the distance

Up to Black Tor...

...and across the road to Leeden Tor

Down to the railway line

And, down again to the green lane....

An unusual sign warning of cats.

Walkhampton church.

Through the fields to...

Walkhampton and the very well appointed bus shelter.

A short walk up the hill and back to the start at the Burrator Inn for lunch. With Stella, Mike, Ann, Laura, Charlie, Karin, Terry, Brenda, Jane, Peter Jon and Tylo.

Wednesday Evening 19th July Stannon

Over the clapper bridge like all the tourists but much to late in the day for them. The forecast was for fog and mist but it was raining so it was on with the waterproofs.

We took the usual footpath out to Hartyland but turned right up the track onto the road which leads Hartyland, along here for a little while and then left up the little used track to Stannon

Lovely Darmoor lighting over Sittaford.

Then down to Stannon which nestles on the east side of Stannon Hill and almost hidden from view.

The fence was down so we wandered into the garden. Superficially the building was in good shape, nearly all the windows were shuttered from the inside. During the 70's this was a retreat for the Rolling Stones and the kitchen was used as a recording studio. The house was powered by a diesel generator. As recently as 2000 it was available as a holiday cottage.

We exited the garden at the back and then a short walk to Stannon Tor for the coffee break.

Down to the Sheepfold built either to harvest starch from potatoes or to house sheep.

The structure is still in good shape

Down again to Hartland Tor and back to Postbridge to the ever depressing East Dart. Two walkers were just leaving the bar as we arrived and I suspect if they had gone 10 minutes earlier the place would have been closed. We enjoyed our beer with Live at the Apollo on the TV in the background!

With Jon, Brenda and Mike.

Tuesday Morning 18th July 2017 - Pork Hill

A classic Dartmoor walk with five tors, one standing stone and one stone circle. A very, very strong easterly wind as we set off up to Cox Tor - always a good way to blow away the cobwebs.

Down on a direct line to the footpath which goes through Wedlake and up to our second tor...

...White Tor and the customary coffee stop.

Down to the Langstone.

Around the boggy bit and up to the Langstone Stone Circle


On to the third tor Roos Tor and the darker skies to the south as the late afternoon storm moved in towards us.

Great Staple Tor was the fourth tor....

...and Middle Staple the fifth tor.

Then it was to the Dartmoor Inn at Merrivale where we received a warm welcome.  It being Tuesday the bakery delivery had not yet arrived so sandwiches were not available. Most had soup which did at least come with a bread role. With Jane, Brenda, Jon, Peter C and Charlie.

Monday 17th July 2017 - Blipmeet at Norsworthy Bridge