Wednesday 11th February Great Links Tor

Another dull day as we set out from High Down

To the stepping stones, not much rain for a while so the rivers are very low.

Then up towards.........

....Doe Tor.  On the edge of but not in the Willsworthy firing range.  We could hear the 'rat-a-tat' sound of the guns clearly.

Across to the old tin mining hut with Sharp tor and Hare Tor in the distance.

A coffee break.....

 ...and then through the Girts to Dick's Well before going up to.....

...Great Links Tor.

Yes Tor and High Willhayes in the distance.

Down to Arms and across the path with Brat Tor in the distance.

A fine lunch at the Mary Tavy Inn. With John, Jon, Ian, Tim, Peter, Mike, Anne and Jane

Tuesday 10th February Beardown Tors

The usual route out from Two Bridges to Littaford, Longaford and Higher White Tor.  A cold and dull misty morning but it made for a fun and invigorating walk

Littaford Tor and Tom

Longaford Tor

A coffee stop at Higher White Tor

Much drifted snow along side the wall behind Higher White Tor.

The track down to the weir.

At the weir and then the steeper bit up...

On Beardown Tor looking towards Crow Tor

 A reciprocal shot!

The route back along Beardown Hill

Lunch in the Prince of Wales with Tom and David

Wednesday 5th February - Four Winds

Another fine walk in the snow from Four Winds with Tom.

The track up to Great Mis Tor

Little Mis Tor.  The plan had been to go on to Great Mis Tor but Tom was missing a glove so we backtracked to find it.

 Snow sculptures

The view back to King Tor.

Fortunately we found the glove back at the car park - it had been in my pocket all along! Next out to the Yellowmeade track past the little quarry - this is looking back at Four Winds with Staple Tors in the distance.

Into Foggintor quarry which was nicely iced over.

Then came the Royal Marines who were going to the other side of the quarry on an abseiling exercise.

The ruins at Foggintor with King Tor in the distance.

We followed the track round to King Tor to stop for a hot drink.  This view across to Merrivale and Staple Tors.

Great Mis Tor.

Vixen Tor in the middle distance and Tavistock further back.

On King Tor with Tom and finally to the  Prince of Wales for lunch.

Tuesday 3rd February Steeperton Tor

A much longer walk today starting from Belstone. This is a very attractive part of the moor but not one I get to very often. There is a good dusting of snow on the higher part of the moor and the forecast was relatively good.

I parked here and this is looking across to Belstone Cleeve.

Up to Belstone Tor. Higher Tor is on the right and Steeperton Tro is in the distance.

Looking across to Yes Tor, West Mill Tor and Rowtor with East Okement Farm below.

A small snowman sat on top of Higher Tor, Cosden Beacon in the distance.

Looking down from Higher Tor, along the ridge line with Oke Tor and Steeperton Tor in the distance.

Down to the ford in Steeperton Gorge.

Looking back down Steeperton Gorge.....

...and then the other way towards Okement Hill.

I went over the ridge towards Wild Tor and crossed Steeperton Brook at the Ford. In the distance is  my route back over Cosden Hill.

Looking across to Yes Tor with Steeperton Tor on the left.

Past the Stone Circle just below Little Hound Tor with Fernworth Forest in the distance.

A Royal Navy rescue helicopter came up over Taw Marsh. Hanginstone Hill is in the far distance.

Yes Tor, West Mill Tor and Row Tor.

Up to Cosdon Beacon.

Finally back to Belstone.