Wednesday evening 30th January Lowery Cross

Mud, slippery mud nearly everywhere! Starting from Lowery Cross we went down through the forest to the Devonport Leat and followed this to where it comes out of the forest.  Then up between Sharpitor and Leather Tor and across to Leather Tor where we took our break.  Almost to the top of Peek Hill, then down through Peekhill Planatation and back to the cars just as the moon was coming up.  On to the Royal Oak at Meavy with Sue, Keith, Stella, Mike and Pete.

Wednesday morning 30th January Assycombe Hill

A much better day. Strong winds, but no rain and just a hint of sunshine.  Starting from the little car park by Stats Bridge.

Up to the old mine working just behind the Warren House Inn.

The view towards Hamel Down...

...and Soussons Down.

On to the Cairn on Water Hill before going over to....

....the D stone on the edge of Fernworthy Forest....

...and into the forest.

Wandering about along this track and then that track until....

 ...we came to the Assycombe hut circles...
 ...and next to it something a little newer.

Then through the trees and out in the middle of the forest by the double stone row where a man was hard a work strimming the grass around the stones....

...very tidy job!

Out and back into the wind on the moor..

...and back to the cars.

Lunch in the Warren House Inn, with Jon, John, Jim, Ian, Bill and Terry

Wednesday 23rd January North Hessary Tor

A cold evening.  We followed the railway line out to Foggintor quarry into some light snow showers.

Then turned up the hill to North Hessary Tor.  Proper deeper snow in places made the going harder. 

Stopped on North Hessary Tor for the coffee break....

...and then to the Prince of Wales to be greeted by the Snowman and his wife.

With Anne, Liz, Mike, Stella, Raz and Jon

Tuesday 22nd January White Tor

As we set off from Pork Hill car park there was heavy rain falling - this eased as we walked up to Lower Staple Tor and then as we got higher it changed to sleet.

Along the ridge between Lower Staple Tor and Great Staple Tor.

Across to Cox Tor

Roos Tor

From Roos Tor we went over to White Tor around the enclosed land and up to White Tor...

...which had two red flags.

Then back to the path through the enclosed land...

...and on to Cox Tor

Staple Tors from Cox Tor...

...the frozen dewpond below....

...and on to the cars.

Lunch in the Whitchurch Inn.  With Rosemary, Terry, Charlie, Amber, Colin, Brian and Bill.

Wednesday 16th January Longaford Tor

Much colder today as we set off from the car park at Two Bridges

Up to Crockern Tor...

...and along the ridge to Longaford Tor

The view to Higher White Tor.

Next down to cross the river...

...either by the stones...

...or the weir.

Then the steep bit up to Beardown Tors

Looking  back across to Longaford Tor

Lydford Tor

Back along the ridge to Beardown Farm

With Stella, Anne, Brenda, Helen, Bill, Keith, Jon, Pete and Kath.

Tuesday 15th January Around Shaugh Prior

A bright sunny morning as we set off from the White Thorn in Shaugh Prior. First the the muddy bit on the edge of West Down and down... the car park where Bud and Brian were just about to start their own walk.

We took the disused railway track up...

...on the steeper bit...

...before the final push over the to the top...

...much discussion about the meaning of the words.

Superb views all around ...towards Plymouth

Hen Tor and Trowlesworthy Tors

Across the valley

We headed off towards Cadover Bridge and into a shower

The cross above Cadover Bridge

Back along the pipeline.

To the White Thorn - just a little bit dated but offering excellent value for money lunches with two quality courses for £4.99.

With Linda, Rosemary, Terry, Roger, Chris, Amber, Colin, Charlie, Bud and Brian