Wednesday 26th August Bodmin Moor

A longer drive this evening to Minions for the annual walk on Bodmin Moor which I have missed for the last couple of years. Lots of rain recently meant that it was exceptionally wet under foot and whilst the sky was always threatening there were only a few spots of rain.

We set off through The Hurlers, which are two adjacent stone rows. The Cheesewring is just visible in the distance....

...this is looking back to Caradon Hill.

The Cheesewring just above the huge quarry on the side of Stowe's Hill

Crepuscular rays in the distance.

Approaching The Cheesewring

Caradon Hill in the distance.

The sun goes down under a threatening sky over Stowe's Hill

Rocking the Logan Stone.

We continued on to Sharp Tor and then to the ridge which makes up Twelve Men's Moor. On the return we followed the old quarry railway line which led us to the forbidden path through Wardbrook Farm.

With Pete, Mike, Jon and Stella.

Tuesday 25th August Bagg Tor

A very, very wet morning for the walk today.  On the single track road to Bagga Tor we had our first problem - a local farmer was moving his cattle...

A delayed start and then up from Bagga Tor to.....

...Lynch Tor as the cloud closed in.

A loop around to the top of Standon Hill for a coffee break in the range hut.

Down the steep side of Standon and through the clitter where Huxley got stuck for a while.

Then down through the six foot high ferns to Standon Steps where the River Tavy (after the rain) was a bit higher than usual.

Back up the hill to the start and on to the very busy Peter Tavy Inn where as usual the food was excellent.

With Jane, Brenda, Stella, Mike, Jon, Terry and joining us for the first time, my blip mates Dianne and Judith

Tuesday 18th August Brent Tor

A warm sunny morning starting on the edge of Gibbet Hill with this view across to Brent Tor.

Around the edge of Gibbet Hill...

...past the old and well-maintained railway station at North Brentor....

...and into the little hamlet of North Brentor.  Stopping to have a closer look inside the church.

We then took the footpath which goes due south through the fields to South Brentor .

Then through the narrow lane before heading up to the top of Brent Tor.

A Coffee stop on the top and a chance to enjoy the fine views in all directions.

We partly retraced our steps taking the more direct route over Wortha Mill Bridge where there were once two railway lines owned by two different railway companies. The owner of the old Wortha Mill invited us into his garden to show us the old leat and water wheel which he had reconstructed. By the side of it are these two old cottages in much need of refurbishment.

Lunch was at the Mary Tavy Inn and not without incident. The waitress managed to spill vinegar all over him before he attempted to spill  diet coke over me. A bit of a mixup in the kitchen over the orders but the food was very good when it eventually arrived.

With Ann, Stella, Brenda, Jane, Linda, Rosemary, Bill, Ian and Terry.

Saturday 15th August Bleak House

A walk with fellow Blipper, Simon starting from High Down. Across the fields to take the track up to Great Nodden. 

Continuing up the track to the points and then changing direction towards Great Links Tor.

We followed the track around the west side of Great Links Tor and took the rather wet track out to Bleak House.

Across the Rattle Brook and up to Lower Dunna Goat.....

With this you across to Great Links Tor

Simon gets his photo of the inquisitive pony with Lower Dunna Goat in the background.

On to Great Links Tor for a picnic lunch. Then down over Arms Tor and Brat Tor....

... to the steppingstones

Wednesday 11th Augut - Three Reservoirs

A longer drive today to the other side of the moor for a walk around the three reservoirs. A dull day at first but very humid.

This is Trenchford reservoir.

Around and down to Kennick reservoir where the water level is well down.

The track which goes  divides the reservoir into two.

Up and around through the woods for a while.

Looking back across Kennick reservoir with Hay Tor in the distance.

Kennick reservoir is usually full and I assume this is for the benefit of the anglers.

On through the woods past this ancient Quaker burial ground. After all this time there is no longer any evidence of the burials.

Back down to the dam looking down Kennick reservoir.

Reflections and a lone angler.

Through the woods again and around Trenchford reservoir.
Lunch was at The Cleave in Lustleigh. Often difficult to park but we were lucky today.

We decided to sit outside. The cat which was friendly  at first came back into the garden with a mouse. It was a lucky day for the mouse as Brenda rescued it before letting it loose again.

Travelling back over the moor near Postbridge we spotted a man putting his recycling out wearing absolutely nothing other than his wellies! Not a pretty sight!

With Terry, Jon, Brenda, Tom and Linda.