Wednesday 26th February Willsworthy

A dull morning on the moor at first.  We parked at the entrance to the Willsworthy firing range.  Unusually for the time of year there was no firing today.  We followed the road in and this sign caused some comment because if the Range Wardens were 5 miles ahead they would very much in the centre of Dartmoor.  Closer examination revealed that it should read .5 and the decimal point had been painted over.

The road past the main firing range and this sign marks the 200 metre distance to the targets which are displayed under the numbers on the bank.

The targets are held in this mechanism below.

Our route was to take us up to Hare Tor on the right in the distance as the sky became brighter.

Just underneath Hare Tor...

...on to the top and the view below Brat Tor in the distance...

...then over Sharp Tor to Great Links Tor in the far distance.
Just for a change one of me taken by Tom with his new camera.

A break here and minutes afterwards as we were about to leave there was a heavy hail storm.

From here we headed over to Tavy Cleave Tor with the River Tavy below.

Our next stop was Ger Tor shown here in the distance.

Past this stone circle.

Looking back at Tavy Cleave Tor - Fur Tor in the far distance.

Tavy Cleave again.


 Much brighter again as we move off from here.

Through a gap in the wall and this view up to Hare Tor with Great Links Tor on the left.

Down to and through the ford and then...

...back past another of the many smaller firing ranges.

Much brighter again as we left the moor behind.

An excellent lunch in the Mary Tavy Inn.  With John, David, Tom, Terry, Peter, Anne, Pete and Cath.

Thursday 20th February Plym Ford

Another real mixed bag of weather - sunshine, showers and cooler.

I started today from the little quarry at Peat Cot and took the track out to Nun's Cross Farm. 

This is Nun's Cross or Siward's Cross.

Next up to the top of Eylesbarrow where there are these two large barrows or cairns.
This view over to the smooth side of Sheeps Tor

Next over to the disused Eylesbarrow Tin Mine

In the distance the military were training - Higher Hartor Tor behind.

The track down to Plym Ford as he next heavy shower came in.

Plym Ford an ancient crossing place going from left to right.

 Next following the track up on to Crane Hill where I found this disused working full of water...

...and not far from here is the little cross fixed in top of a large rock.

With Nuns Cross Farm in the distance.

Tuesday 18th Februay Huccaby Tor

A great morning to be out on the moor. Crystal clear views, bright skies, no wind and much milder. We set off from Dunnabridge Pound taking the track out to Laughter Tor.

Through the first gate with Bellever Tor in the distance....

...the second gate....

...and the third gate (just the gate posts) with the Standing Stone behind.

Easily up to Laughter Tor - Fernworthy Forest in the distance.

Down to Laughter Hole Farm and the track which leads to the...

...stepping stones.  They were impassable today but we hadn't planed to go across.

Our route  was to follow the East Dart River downstream to the woods known as Little Newtake Plantation but it was very, very wet.

Colin missed his footing and got splashed with mud!  Fortunately he was fine apart from the mud which was everywhere.

As a result we decided to change direction and climb up out of the valley.

Very difficult going with sodden, lumpy ground.  We climbed up sighting a couple of deer on route - but they were much too fast for my camera.

Then around to Huccaby Tor.  Ter Hill and Holne Ridge in the distance.

Following the track for a while before...

Cutting the corner across the valley.

Passing this frog spawn on the way.  I can only assume that there was a large puddle here originally.

Past the locals and...

...finally back to the car park.

With Colin, Amber and Roger.

Wednesday 12th February High Down

Oh what a difference a day makes!  This was the view through the car windscreen waiting for everyone to arrive.  Starting from High Down as a massive storm moved in over Dartmoor.  Very heavy rain at times and a wind as strong as I can remember.

We took the track down to the River Lyd

Then up to...

 ...the abandoned Doetor farm.

Next up through the clitter to the top of...

...Doe Tor

This view across to Brat Tor as the rain swirled all around.

Down across the Doetor Brook to the derelict Tinner's cottage.

Where stopped for refreshment.

Next up through the old mine workings to Dick's Well.

Back down on the track (which today was awash with water) between Arms Tor and Brat Tor. Standing up was difficult because of the wind!

To the bridge across the River Lyd.  The stepping stones here are submerged but on a normal day you can walk across.

On to the Mary Tavy Inn where the food and service were excellent.

With Jon, Bill, Ian and Anne.