Tuesday 30th October Mary Tavy

Having left my camera at home and feeling a little annoyed with myself (but phone cameras work quite well these days) we parked at the Mary Tavy Inn - starting from a pub is a good thing and down the hill we went..

...past this ornamental bicycle...

...and then on the path to Peter Tavy

Turning left up past the very tidy Methodist Church.

Then on to Smeardon Down where team discipline went a bit amiss and we split into three groups to get to the top.

Looking back down over Peter Tavy. 

The view over to Great Mis Tor, Roos Tor and Staple Tors. This was our only bit of the moor today as we were soon going back down again to Cudlipptown before turning left...

...down this old road where cars ar no longer permitted.  Roger could remember driving a Morris Minor down here in the early part of the last century!

The bridge at the bottom across the River Tavy

Autumn is definitely here.

Running a little short on time we decided to stay on the road back to the pub past this old water pump.

In the pub we were joined by an old friend, Ian Cruickshank and his daughter Kyra.  Ian  left the area in 1995 and it was good to catch up with him again after all these years.

On the walk today Terry, Harry, Charlie, Chris, Roger and Linda.

Sunday 28th October Scouts Sponsored Walk

A 20 kilometer walk with the Horrabridge Sea Scouts from Princetown and back to Horrabridge.  A small group of scouts set out from Princetown on the railway track.

...with a pause for a group photo

Leaving the track and heading off to Four Winds

This pair did the complete walk three legged.

At Merrivale we were joined by the cubs and more parents. Up to Great Staple Tor where the expected rain finally started and everyone got a bit of a soaking.

Coming down out of the rain.

A bit wetter at Pork Hill car park where we were joined by the Beavers and more parents.

At least the rain had stopped and we were out of the cloud.

Windy post.

Allan points out the route we had come.

Over to Pew Tor.

Finally back to the Leaping Salmon to soup and a hot pasty.

Saturday 27th October Pew Tor and Samford Tor (and George)

A bitterly cold sunny day. With James and George and a short walk to the family favourite Tor - Pew Tor.  At fourteen weeks old this is George's first weekend on Dartmoor.

Up to the top of Pew Tor and on the other side the hounds were returning home.

Note the little tor in the top left of the photo.

Then just across to this little tor at  532 731.  This is just behind the little quarry and above Samford Spiney.  I think this is much more likely to be the location of Samford Tor (also known as Little Pu Tor) and not the rocks shown at the location given in my previous post here:-

This is a much more significant little Tor with Pew Tor in the background and overlooking Samford Spiney.  I think that Terry Bound's book on The A to Z of Dartmoor Tors is wrong on this one!

George takes a drink at the quarry

Wednesday 24th October Peat Cott

How strange it is with 365 square miles on Dartmoor that on consecutive days I end up visiting the same places!  It wasn't the same walk - we did start from a different place and came from a completely different direction. So with similar weather to yesterday we set off towards the Cramber Tor trig point...

...and then the short walk to Cramber Tor pool.

Next to Cramber Tor where the cloud lifted a little and we could see across to...

...Black Tor where we had walked from yesterday.

Down Tor in the mist...

...and this pony looking a bit weird without his legs.

Then down to Crazy Well Pool.

Through the workings and back up to the leat before returning to the cars.

A friendly welcome and lunch in the Prince of Wales.  With John, Irving, Ian, Helen, Sue, Pete and Cath

Tuesday 23rd October Norsworthy Bridge

A warm misty, autumn day on Dartmoor and the leaves are falling in the woods around Burrator Reservoir.

Through the woods to Leather Tor bridge...

...and up to the leat...

...where the mist has covered the spiders web.

Out on to the moor and through a particularly boggy bit before heading up to Black Tor.

Then down the other way to cross the river - there is a bridge here somewhere - well actually a metal girder...

...is it deep enough to dive in?

Next up to  Cramber Tor..

...and just to show we are all really good friends we can all hold hands!

Then back down past Crazy Well Pool.

And off to the Royal Oak at Meavy where Bud and Brian were waiting.  On the walk to day Chris, Roger, Charlie, Brian, Rosemary and Terry