Wednesday 21st August Great Links Tor

Perfect walking weather.  From the Fox and Hounds and up to and along the usual track... the points where the trucks would change direction.

On along the track and then up to Gren Tor - not often we come here - with Great Nodden below.

Upwards again to Hunt Tor and then across to...

...Great Links Tor

Looking back to Hunt Tor in the middle distance with Yes Tor on the left and High Willhays on the right - now which one is the highest?

Over to Dick's Well which apparently is this square hole in the ground. A small reservoir with a leat feeding in from the left.

On to Arms Tor...

...and around to the other side....

...before going down... the ford.

A final view of Great Nodden.

To the Fox and Hounds for lunch which wasn't very busy but it seemed to take forever for our baguettes to arrive. Although, they were very good when they eventually did! If you want to know what's in the breakfast baguette - well it's breakfast - simple really.

With Tom, Jon, Keith and Terry

Tuesday 20th August Around Burrator

From Walkhampton we took the very, very narrow lane that goes up to the moor past Walkhampton church and started the walk at the top. Up to the railway track.

Across to Vixen and Staple Tors.

Then up the track that takes goes to the car park by Leedon Tor.

In the ground a slab of granite with this arrow on it.  I have been along this track many times but not noticed this before.  What is it pointing to?

Down around the woods to...

...Drakes Leat which we followed back to the road.

The view across to Hart Tor.

Into the woods...

...back on the railway track.

Where the farmer was cutting hay - much later in the year than usual.
Back to Walkhampton Inn (the other way where it is not so narrow) to find Bud and Brian.  Brian had a nasty fall on their walk. Excellent food in the Walkhampton Inn.

With Terry, Rosemary, Colin, Amber, Brian and Charlie.

Wednesday 14th August The End of Terry's Long Walk

Today my friend Terry completed his Cornish Coastal Walk at the Royal William Yard. This was in aid of Hugs for Henry. Terry completed the 292 miles in 23 days - an average of 12.5 miles a day and a remarkable achievement for a 71 year old!

Terry raised approx £2500.  There is more information about the campaign for Henry Hallam here

Tuesday 13th August Sittaford Tor

Cloudier and cooler today.  Starting at Postbridge, a 'honeypot' at this time of the year with two coaches already and it's only 10.00 in the morning.

The usual routine is that the coach party gets out of the coach, walks 100 yards to go over the clapper bridge and then get back on the coach ready for the next stop!

We set off towards the house known Hartyland...

...and up to Hartland Tor...

 ...where Charlie finds a letterbox.

Sittaford Tor in the distance our next destination.

First to the Grey Wethers and the restored stone circles.

Over Sittaford Tor and on towards Stats House.

Around a boggy bit.

Sittaford Tor behind us...

...and Stats House.

Next to the waterfall for lunch.

Back to Postbridge.

With Charlie, Jim, Colin and Amber.

Wednesday 7th August Hare Tor

Another perfect day for walking on the moor and a good group assembled at Lane End.  Ger Tor was our first destination.

Up to the leat.

The view back to White Tor.

At Ger Tor.

Great Mis Tor in the distance.

A lady sitting on the tor finds an empty flare case, talks about it and picks it up - what about all those warning signs telling you not to do that.

The view across to Hare Tor, Sharp Tor and Great Links Tor.

We loop around to Tavy Cleave Tors...

...and Jon of course climbs up to the top!

Then a slightly indirect route across to Hare Tor where we met Peter, a very nice young man on holiday from the Netherlands who offered us all a chocolate biscuit. We stopped for a while to enjoy the fantastic views in every direction.

Sharp Tor and Great Links.

Fur Tor and the upper Tavy valley.

 Doe Tor and Brat Tor.

Back to Ger Tor.

Eventually down to Sharp Tor past the cairn and a view back to Hare Tor.

Hare Tor from Sharp Tor.

Gently down to the Willsworthy firing range.

Past the rifle range and...

...back to the leat.

With a heron nearby after the abundance of fish in the leat and these two ducklings.

On to the Mary Tavy Inn which served  excellent food.

With Sue, Keith, Helen, Ian, Jon and Tom