Wednesday Evening 29th June - Warren House Inn

A wet evening as we headed out from the Warren House Inn towards Birch Tor

Rain over Soussons Down.

From Birch Tor looking back to the Warren House Inn

Over to the Two Moors Way and then up to Hookney Tor where the sheep were sheltering from the rain - they are not so stupid as we sometimes think.

Down the hill to Grimspound...

...where we took our break sheltering from the rain.

Then around Headland Warren Farm as the rain eased and the sky started to clear.

We continued on to Challacombe and back through the mine workings arriving at the Warren House Inn at 10.20 only to find that they had stopped serving at 10.00! This has not happened before so it was on to the Two Bridges Hotel but they had just closed their bar. Finally, we received a warm welcome at the Prince of Wales who are open until 11.00. With Mike, Stella, Jon, Brenda and Anne

I have since spoken to the Warren House Inn.  They changed their opening hours earlier this year but are prepared to stay open for walking groups if they have advance notice.

Tuesday 28th June Roughtor Planation

Busy at the start of our walk this morning with lots of cars making parking difficult. The walk today was more of an amble.

Firstly we headed off to the multiple stone circles. Sheeps Tor in the distance.

Next it was decided we would wander across to find Roughtor in the Roughtor Plantation.

Roughtor is spread out over a wide area with lots of outlying granite rocks. Trees have been planted all over it so it is in possible to see the whole of the tor in context.

We came out by this naturally formed 'crevasse' a steep and deep hole in the ground where the underlying granite has moved apart. I've not seen anything like this before on Dartmoor. Not a place to fall into!

Within the woods this ramp had been built some time ago for cycling over!

As we headed across to the settlement at Whittenknowles Rocks it started to rain and then it came down in abundance.

Heading back to the start.

An excellent lunch, as always in the Royal Oak at Meavy. With Jane, Gill, Anne, Terry, Brenda, Jon, Charlie and Tom
Out from Norsworthy Bridge and up to snappers Tor.

Over Down Tor to the circle and stone row, where Jon showed us the magic of the reversing stone again.

Up through the settlement, over the cairn towards Nuns Cross. The adit is shown here where it reappears from the underground tunnel.

Nearby is the disused farm building.

Nun's Cross and the farm

Down to Older Bridge where we followed the leat to....

Crazy Well Pool and had our lunch.

Back along Raddick Lane and past Leather Tor Bridge.

With Dianne, Jon, Brenda, Stella, Terry and Charlie.