Wednesday 25th November Pew Tor

An unusual start from Oakley Cottage as we followed the lanes for a while through Sampford Spiney before picking up the footpath that brought us back to the moor below Pew Tor. On to the track by Heckword Tor where we had a coffee stop by the large crafted rock.

Through the wet bit by the stream alongside the wall guarding the forbidden area and then across to the leat and the wheelwright's stone.

 Along the leat to the bullseye stone where Raz spent some time speeding up the flow.

Nearby Windy Post looked a little ghostly when lit up by my head torch.

Over Feather Tor and on to Pew Tor where some always have to climb to the top.

The Whitchurch Inn was quiet.  With Jon, Mike, Stella, Viv, Ann and Kevin

Tuesday 24th November Four Winds

Another wet morning for our walk - we are seem to be having a run of these at the moment. Up from Four Winds and across to the quarry just below the Yellowmead track.

Upwards to Hollow Tor.

Hollow Tor with Great Mis Tor in the distance.

It was decided not to continue to North Hessary Tor but to cut across the moor to the bridge on the railway track.

Then into Swelltor Quarry.

For the coffee break.

Then past the London bridge corbels and up to King Tor

Down to the little stream and back to Four Winds.

Lunch was meant to be in the Prince of Wales but the kitchen was out of action so it was into the Plume of Feathers which was very busy but the food was good.

With Tom, Dianne, Darren, David, Colin, Brenda, Stella and John.

Tuesday 17th November Branscombe's Loaf

Very wet again for our walk. As we got higher the wind got stronger. Starting from just below Prewley water works we set off towards Shelstone Tor.

On Shelstone with Black Tor in the distance.

Then it was up the steep and boggy bit to....

...Branscombe's Loaf where the wind was much to strong to consider stopping for the coffee break.

So it was down to Sourton Tors where we managed to get out of the wind for a few minutes.

From here it was around and down to the Granite Way for a more sheltered walk back to the start.

Lunch was in the Highwayman, a most unusual pub and not one which anyone had visited for some time. It is very different but the beer and food were ok. With Tom, David, Jon, Bill and Dianne.

This map shows our approximate route.

Wednesday 12th November - Merrivale

The approximate route is shown below - Click Here to display the correct map

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Warm and very wet.  Out from the car park below Staple Tor  and across to the edge of Merivale quarry. Northwards following the wall and then down across the leat to the Blowing House. From here a direct line up to the cairns and over to the wall junction where we took our break. Across to the footpath which goes through Wedlake and then the steep climb up to Roos Tor. Along the ridge line and back to the cars. As we got back to the cars the rain stopped and the sky cleared. A longer walk than usual which meant we didn't arrive at the Dartmoor Inn at Merrivale until 10.25 - fortunately it was still open.

With Terry, Mike, Stella, Viv, Jon and Pete

Tuesday 10th November - Eylesbarrow

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Another wet and gloomy day. The forecast suggested that it would improve during the course of the morning, in fact it got worse.

We headed up to Gutter Tor and then down the other side. Our leader pointed out this stone which it is thought was going to be made into a stone cross.

We continued on to Ditsworthy Warren House which seemed all the more mysterious in the cloud and rain.

On to the long stone rows in the Giants Basin.

Jon produced some chalk to make the markings clear on this huge standing stone. It is understood that these are Chinese characters and spell the word Ashley. There is a place in Hong Kong called Ashley Road.  It is not known who put these here. Information from

We continued upwards to Higher Hartor Tor and then to the remains of the engine house for the Eylesbarrow Tin Mine where we had our coffee break.

A further short walk up to the top of Eylesbarrow.

We took a direct route back through some clitter, girts and 'hummocky' ground.

Lunch was at the Royal Oak. With Jane, Terry, Charlie, Roger, Jon, Stella and Bill

Tuesday 4th November Merrivale

After days of unseasonably good weather today it finally changed and it was back to the usual Dartmoor gloom and much cooler too.

We set off from Merrivale and headed up to middle Staple Tor.

A short walk along the ridge to Great Staple Tor.

On to Roos Tor - this is looking back at Great Staple Tor

Our next destination was the stone circle but we diverted off the track to find the two cairns on top of the hill.

Then it was onto the stone circle.....

..... and down to the hut circles where we stopped for the coffee break

The rain started and we turned to head back to wards the Grimstone Weir.

Across the River Walkham where unfortunately Roger took a tumble and slipped into the water.

Back across a part of the moor few of us have walked before and then back to Merrivale for lunch.

Lunch was better than expected and offered excellent value for money.

With Terry, Jon, Tom, Bill, Charlie, Roger and Ann
Approximate route below Open Space Web-Map builder Code