Wednesday 17th June

Starting from Combestone Tor on a sunny evening with a warm wind

Down past the idyllic Combestone Farm   Alongside the leat with Yar Tor in the distance and then along the footpath towards Venford Reservoir.

The view across the Dart Valley with Sharp Tor on the left.

We followed the track down below the reservoir and then up to Bench Tor for the coffe stop.

Along the long line of rocks that make up Bench Tor - past the friendly locals......

...and around the bottom of the reservoir to find the stone rows as the light faded.

On to the Two Bridges hotel.  With Stella, Mike, John, Kevin and Brenda

Tuesday 16th June Hay Tor

The warmest day of the year so far. We set off from the car park just below Saddle Tor. Contouring around the tor to take the footpath down to Emsworthy. We could hear the cuckoos clearly and then one was spotted in the tree just ahead of us. Unfortunately, I don't have a zoom lens capable of doing it justice.

This area of the moor is very pretty and accessible and probably the most visited part by tourists.

It was then down to the barn and what remains of Emsworthy Farm.  There are lots of derelict outbuildings and this was clearly a significant farm in its day. This walk had been arranged to see the bluebells in this area but they had gone past their best - we were probably a couple of weeks too late..

But, the foxgloves are now starting to come out.

We took the lower path out of Emsworthy......

.....through the wet bit.

To the new clapper bridge which has been constructed over Becka Brook where we had a group photo.

Near this is an impromptu swing and both Terry and Laura had a go.

Up to Holwell Lawn and then across to Greator Rocks for a coffee break.

Over to the Mediaeval Village....

....and down the steep path to other bridge across the Becka Brook.

Up the steep climb up to Smallacombe Rocks - here looking across to Haytor Rocks

Over to Hound Tor

There were lots of ponies on the tor. This little pony was having a good scratch on the rocks.

And was then joined by their friend.

Across to Holwell Tor and quarry.

The points on the granite Tramway.

Over to Hay Tor, which on a warm sunny day is probably one of the busiest places on Dartmoor.

Saddle Tor and back to the cars.

Lunch was at the very busy Rugglestone Inn with ducks and chickens wandering around the garden.

With Jon, Terry, Brenda, Jane, Ann, Laura and Eleanor.

Wednesday 10th June - Sittaford Tor

A slightly earlier start for an extended evening walk from Postbridge. There being no tourists around we decided to cross the Clapper Bridge and just for a change this is a view of the road bridge.

Out to Hartland Tor looking back to Postbridge and Bellever.

Sittaford Tor - our destination - is in the far distance.

 Whilst the moor is relatively dry there the bog cotton is everywhere.

A new arrival

The twin stone circles of Grey Wethers come into view.

Looking north with Cosdon Hill in the far distance.

We looked for the newly discovered stone circle but after some research I now think it is between Grey Wethers and Fernworthy forest

Up to the top of Sittaford for a coffee break and then across to Stats House which is just visible on the horizon. Below in the bottom of the valley is the wet bit!

The remains of Stats House.

Then across to the north-western end of Sandy Hole Pass.

The sun disappears below the horizon in an almost cloudless sky.

Then into the East Dart where at least we received a friendly welcome although the place itself is in desperate need of some refurbishment.. With Mike and Stella.

Tuesday 9th June Sourton-Meldon

A bright sunny morning and except for the strong wind almost perfect walking conditions.

We set off from Sourton up past the church and out onto the open moor below the lower line of Sourton Tors.

Up to the Two Castles Trail to take the green lane which leads down to the west side of Meldon Reservoir

Looking back along the wall to wards Corn Ridge.

The end of the reservoir comes into view.

A fine view across a reservoir to Homerton Hill with Black Tor just visible in the distance.

On the dam looking down the reservoir....

......and then at the other end looking back.

Next around and almost to Vellake Corner for a coffee stop....

....with this view down the West Okement Valley. Black tor is in the distance.
Up again towards Sourton Tor stopping to look at what appeared to be an old apple crusher -  and no idea as to why it has been left on this part of the moor. 

Across to Sourton Tor where the military had set up a communications centre.

Down around the edge of Sourton Tor and back to the cars.

A supplementary walk to these meadows along the footpath due west of Sourton.

These meadows have been retained in a entirely natural state and without the application of any fertilisers. 
Following several previous problems with service at the Fox and Hounds lunch was at the White Hart in Bridestowe. We received a warm welcome and there were no delays in serving the food.
With Anne, Laura, Brenda, Stella, Jon, Pete, Terry, Colin and Peter.