Tuesday 31st December Pew Tor

Starting today from the Whitchurh Inn - always nice to start from a pub.  We took footpath across to Middlemoor. Very heavy rain overnight but brightening up as we set off.  In fact there was a lot of blue sky but not where the sun was.
Through Middlemoor and then up the track which leads out to Shorts Down and on to....

Plaster Down with Pew Tor in the distance.

Following the Grimstone and Sortridge Leat for a while before...

...going up to the little quarry on Pew Tor.

On to Pew Tor and this view across to Staple Tors...

...and the other way looking back to Plaster Down.  By now the blue sky was winning but we still couldn't see the sun...

Down past the other quarry and at last the sun came out!

To Moortown where there had obviously been a lot of localised flooding and some damage to the side of the road.  Lots of debris stuck in this gate where the stream had flooded through.

On towards the golf course looking back across to Cox Tor.

Back to the Whitchurch Inn for lunch.  With Terry, Roger, Harry and Rosemary in the pub.

Sunday 22nd December Great Mis Tor

Four Winds was the start of our walk today. A proper winter day with a strong cold wind and clear visibility.

Looking across to Pew Tor.

We took the military track up....

...to Little Mis Tor - Great Mis Tor in the distance.

On to Great Mis Tor with superb views in all directions this is looking North...

...south west to Pew Tor

...north west...

...Staple Tor to the right.

 James and George.

Zoomed in to Great Staple Tor where we were yesterday and you couldn't see the tor until you were next to it!

The next part of our route was back to North Hessary Tor.

And this was the view back to Great Mis Tor from Rundlestone Tor where we took a break.

By now the weather had changed and we could see the rain coming in - this is Hollow Tor.  As we went past this and down to the Yellowmeade track a very heavy hailstone shower came in.

Then just as fast as it came it cleared again, leaving a beautiful blue sky over King Tor.

Finally back to the car at Four Winds.

Saturday 21st December Great Staple Tor

Very heavy rain overnight which cleared mid morning.  James was keen to walk out from Pew Tor.

We headed up to the little quarry where George was happy to pose.
 Then he decided he would have a swim - far too cold for any one else.
 Up to view Little Pew Tor...

...and over to Pew Tor.

 Down to the track with King Tor and Foggintor in the distance.

Vixen Tor and the area where no one is now allowed to go.  Very boggy at the bottom and James went in knee deep! The moor is completely saturated by the heavy rain falling in the last week

Around to the other side of Vixen Tor which looks a little unreal in the mist.

Then over Merrivale where we crossed the main road.

Up the steeper bit to Great Staple Tor where the wind was much stronger and cooler. The cloulds were blowing in and out at this point.

On to Cox Tor and a moment when the cloud had gone. Pew Tor is in the distance.

Vixen Tor is just about visible.

Back past the Bullseye Stone and George is just a bit dirty now.

The Bullseye Stone next to Windy Post.

Wednesday Evening 19th December Burrator

The evening walk tonight was our annual carol singing event. However, there was an incredible storm between 5.00pm and 6.30 which meant there were flash floods everywhere.  I didn't have far to travel so decided to venture out. There was a flood just before  the main road and the police were putting up a road closed sign as a got there.  Between Yelverton and the Walkhampton turn there was a huge flood in the dip and couple of broken down cars and the road out to Dousland was just awash.  If I had been a bit more sensible I would have turned back.

On to Norsworthy Bridge where only four more had made it.  Not enough for carol singing although surprisingly the stong wind and rain had stopped.  It was decided we would have a gentle bimble into the woods.  We took the track up to Leather Tor Bridge where the river was going crazy.  Up to the leat and out a clearing for some Christmas goodies.

Mulled wine, hot glazed sausages, crisps and stollen cake. We know how to celebrate!
Then back under the moon and on to the Devon Tors.

With John, Charles, Mike and Stella

Wednesday Morning 18th December Scorriton

Well this was a really wet and windy day for a walk! We parked at the Tradesmens Arms at Scorriton.  In the hamlet was something I haven't seen for years - a milkman - actually a milklady delivering the milk.  I thought these had all finished years ago.  She thought we were mad going for a walk when it was so wet.

We took the track which leads out to Scorriton Down....

...through the deer park with the friendly deer.  I must come back here on a sunny day  for some decent photographs.

Then out onto the moor and towards the River Mardle valley with waves of rain hitting us sideways.

Much more exposed here with the strong wind.  So much rain and  the moor is completely saturated.

Tom with his new rucksack!

On to the River Mardle which, unsurprisingly, was in spate with the heavy rain...

...there was no possibility of us being able to cross!

We headed out of the valley and up to higher ground to view Hapstead Ford before going over to the old Tin Workings for our coffee break.  Then briefly along the ridge before joining the Sandy Way to take us down to Michelcombe and...

...back to the Tradesmens Arms at Scorrition. Lunch took a long time to arrive but was of excellent quality when it came.

An exhilarating walk and good test of kit!  With Terry, Tom, David, Jon, Bill and Jane