Tuesday 22nd April Steeperton Tor

A much longer 'picnic' walk today starting at Belstone and following the ridge all around Taw Marsh.  Fine sunny weather but with a cooling breeze.

We followed the track out below Belstone Tor. We heard the cuckoo for the first time this year.  Two of them flying around above us before settling on the tor above.

Up through the clitter....

...to Belstone Tors with this view across to High Willhayes.  A phone call from Anne - they had been delayed and assuming we had gone the other way round had started going up Cosdon Hill.  Agreed we would meet them for lunch on Steeperton Tor.

Belstone Tors

Across the valley to Cosdon Beacon

Higher Tor and East Mill Tor  behind

Knatborough Tor in the foreground, Oke Tor in the middle and Steeperton to the left.  Hangingstone Hill in the far distance.

Oke Tor where we stopped for coffee.

On towards Steeperton but with a diversion to this old Observation Post - used by the military.

Up the steep bit to the top of Steeperton Tor with this view across to  Wild Tor and Watern Tor

Along the top of Steeperton Tor where we stopped for lunch where with perfect timing we were joined by Anne and Laura.

The Range hut and flag pole where a red flag is raised when the area is being used by the milatary.
The area of Taw marsh below and our route here on the left.....

 ....and the ridge line on the right of Taw marsh towards Cosdon Hill

The stone circle and White Moor Stone in the distance near Little Hound Tor

Looking back at the stone circle  with Fernworthy forest in the distance

Onwards and upwards to Cosdon Beacon

Then the long descent back to Belstone


A final view back towards  Ottery Tor

With Stella, Brenda, Jane, Anne, Laura and Terry

Sunday 19th April Tavy Cleave

A lovely sunny Sunday afternoon. I parked at Lane End and the plan was to go into Tavy Cleave from the other side of the river - a route I haven't walked before.

I walked back along the road and too the Lych Way  past Higher Willsworthy farm and down to...

 ...the longest wooden footbrige on Dartmoor...

...and followed the narrow strip of moorland alongside the river. The gorse out and at its best.  Probably better this year than I can remember.

I followed the wall north on the east side of Standon Hill. The Tavy came into view. Nat Tor is extreme left with Ger Tor in the middle.

I contoured northwards to this prominant rock (which is not named) on the opposite side of the valley to Ger Tor

Onwards towards where the river  turns into the Cleave and fine view down.  Sharp Tor is the more dominant Tor with Tavy Cleave Tors behind.

Down to the river for this view of the little waterfalls.

Then across to the other side for the alternative view.

I headed back using the more route on the western side of the river. Ger Tor in the distance.

On to the leat to follow this all the way out.

Tuesday 14th April Yennadon Down

A huge low loader was in the car park at the start.  This had brought in some heavy duty plant to do work on the dam at Burrator.

Off across Yennadon Down in glorious warm sunshine

Where there was a new foal - the first I have seen thhis year.

On to view the newly installed bridge across the Yelverton to Princetown road.  This was finally put in place last week after months of prepartory work. It is not in use yet - Devon Highways have to carry out a safety audit first.  This is where the old railway line crossed the road and it is good to see it has been designed in the style of a railway bridge.

We continued along the track  past one of the riddles....

....and then looped up to the top of Peak Hill...

...for a coffee break.

Our leader wanted a team photo.

Down to Lowery Tor and...

...down again through the old workings.

To the leat and then back on the old railway line.

Finally past Burrator reservoir.

On to the Royal Oak for lunch outside in the warm sunshine.

With Tom, John, Terry, Jon, Keith, Sue, Brenda and Anne

Friday 10th April

A warm but hazy day.  Out from Two Bridges on this well travelled route.

The ridge line we followed out with Crockern Tor on the right and Longaford Tor in the distance.

Crockern Tor

Littaford Tor with Beardown Tors in the distance

A shelter for the night?  I have been here so many times and never noticed the space underneath!

Along to Higher White Tor and then down to the weir for a coffee stop.

Then the steep bit up to Beardown Tors

Beardown Tors in the foreground with Lydford in the distance.

Then back through the very muddy patch on Beardown Hill and on to the Prince of Wales for lunch.  With Tom and Andy