Wednesday 23rd July Yar Tor

It was 23C at the start and much the same all the way round - at least it was a fairly gentle walk.

We parked just below the memorial to Capt Penny and headed up to Yar Tor.

Looking back to Sharp Tor...

...and over to Corndon Tor.

Yar Tor

The view across to Fernworthy.

Then down through the boggy bit, which very unusually was dry! On to the hamlet of Babeny.

 Along the road and....

...then the track and out on to the edge of Riddon Ridge past these horses who were demanding attention.

The route back along the ridge from the left.

Across the stepping stones by the ford on the little stream.

Up to the ridge line as the sun disappeared in the distance.

 On to the Cairn on Corndon Down with Corndon Tor in the distance.

From Corndon Tor with Sharp Tor in the distance. 

Finally down past the memorial to Captain Penny.

On to the noisy Prince of Wales with John, Jon, Peter, Mike and Stella.

Wednesday 16th July Eylesbarrow

What a difference a day makes - well 17 hours to be precise.  After the glorious sunshine yesterday afternoon it was back the Dartmoor gloom and none wonderful views seen yesterday

We started at Peat Cot and walked out towards Eylesbarrow. The heavy Dartmoor mist turned to rain and it was time for waterproofs. A man walked towards seeking advice and John tried to put him right.  He was planning to walk the Abbots Way to Buckfastleigh but was going in completely the wrong direction.  It is not easy to navigate in these conditions. In the background is Nun's Cross Farm

We continued to the cairns at Eylesbarrow.

With the boundary stone in between the two.

Next past the old  Eylesbarrow Tin Mine.... follow the track to the mine workings near Plym ford where stopped for a while.

At least the rain stopped and it brightened up a little.

We continued along the track to find the  Northmore Cross on Hand Hill.

This is the smallest cross on Dartmoor then...

...down the hill a short distance to find the inscribed cross which has been carved on the granite stone.
 We returned to the cars past Nun's Cross Farm with the sky all gloomy again.

To the Prince of Wales for lunch - with Jon, John, Brenda, Bill, Jane and Terry

Tuesday 15th July Crow Tor

A beautiful sunny summers afternoon.  The temperature when I started the walk was 20C and there was a gentle cooling breeze.  Starting from Two Bridges and just for a change I didn't follow the lane out but went straight up heading directly for Crockern Tor.

This was the view as the moor opened up looking down the valley of the West Dart River.  Wistman's wood is almost dead ahead.

I headed over to Crockern Tor and then followed the ridge line to....

....Littaford Tor.

On along the ridge to Longaford Tor.  I had seen the pony on the outcrop of the tor for some time and... was obvious to me that it had got itself stuck here.  I went up to see if there was an easy way down and gently moved the pony in the right direction to get him off.

Longaford Tor with Higher White Tor in the distance.

Looking down on Powdermills, the Gunpowder factory where you can see the chimney and out building.  In front of it is the Powdermills bog and just behind is Bellever Tor.

I was headed over to Crow Tor.

From Crow Tor looking towards Beardown Tors.  There are three separate tors which together are called Beardown Tors.  They are quite well spread out which is not obvious from this shot.

Looking back to Longaford Tor

Looking back at Crow Tor - not a typical shaped tor - all a bit untidy!

Back down to re-cross the West Dart.

Wistman's Wod ahead my route was around the left of it.

A final view looking back over Wistman's Wood to Crow Tor

Wednesday 9th July Cosdon Hill

A longer drive than usual around to South Zeal and the north moor with access to Cosdon Hill, a place we don't often get to on a Wednesday Evening.  A strong cooling breeze and little more haze than expected.

Through the green lanes and out on to the open moor.

This is the steep bit but with an excellent view over South Zeal below.

Soon we were approaching Cosdon Beacon at the top.

High Willhays and Yes Tor in the far distance.

A more zoomed in view towards Yes Tor.

Past Little Hound Tor and over to the Stone Circle with White Moor Stone just behind.

We then followed the path back below Cosdon Hill and these cattle joined in following us for a while.

To the wall on the edge of the enclosed land....

...making our way down as the light faded.

Then on to the Taw River Inn in Sticklepath with Nigel and Mike.

Wednesday 2nd July Lydford

This was my first Wednesday evening walk for some time and what a wonderful evening walk it turned out to be.

Through the village before taking one of the many green lanes that lead out of this Lydford across the main road and then up the track and out....

...on to High Down - with Brat Tor in the distance.

We bumped into Frank (the landlord of the Fox and Hounds) who took us just off the track to this object embedded in the ground.

Much discussion as to what it might have been but no real conclusions!

Behind us Sharp Tor, Doe Tor and Hare Tor.

We contoured around...

...and then took the footpath through the enclosed land to Nodden Gate.
There were many sheep in this field but the somehow the grasses had got to long for them to eat...

..these long grasses seemed to shimmer with the low sun. Widgery Cross in the distance on Brat Tor.

We took the track down to...

...the Fox and Hounds where it was decided we would stop....

 ...for a quick drink.
I don't remember us stopping like this before - but then we don't normally walk past any pubs on our Dartmoor walks.

Soon we were walking down the road through this avenue of trees.... the sun got lower.

We joined the cycle path (which runs on the old railway line from Okehampton to Tavistock) as the sun got lower and lower in the sky.

Through the gate and out on to Fernworthy Down.  I haven't walked across here before - it's always good to find somewhere new!

The sun was almost setting and the glow of the suns rays through the long grass was just magical!

 A little later there was this wonderful view as the sun finally disappeared.

And a little later again these superb colours in the sky.

We arrived back in Lydford as the moon became visible above the trees.

With Anne, Stella, Viv, Mike, Charles and Jon