Tuesday 29th September - Merrivale

The beautiful autumnal weather continues. It was an interesting start, we were all there at the little car park just up the hill from Merrivale, but some thought it wasn't the place we should have been starting from.

This was a view across to Staple Tor and we set off a short distance down the hill before turning into the track which leads to Daveytown.

Stopping at this little disused quarry which overlooks Vixen Tor. After leaving here Terry realised that Huxley wasn't with us anymore so hew went back to find him. He was still at the quarry and in usual Huxley manner was barking.

We continued along the Green Lane.

Coming out on the road which leads up to Criptor. As we entered the moor we stopped for our coffee break. We  then set off on the path which leads up to the railway track. But before getting there, there was this little stream to cross.

Up towards the railway track with this view back a cross to Leedon Tor.

A visit to the London Bridge corbels with this view across to Pew Tor and Heckwood Tor.

Along the railway track for a while and then down below King Tor to cross another little stream.

A short walk back up to the standing stone just before the Merrivale stone row and back to the cars.

Lunch was in the Whitchurch Inn and it was here that the mystery of the starting place RV was eventually solved.

With Anne, Brenda, Dianne, Peter, Terry, Tom, Roger and Jon

Tuesday 22nd September - Harford Moor Gate

As always, through the very narrow lanes to get to the start of the walk which takes you to the southern most tip of Dartmoor. We could see the rain in the distance over Cornwall and we hadn't gone very far before it started.

On the way up to....

...Spurrell's Cross.

Next it was across to Ugborough Beacon which can be seen in the distance.

By the time we had got to the top the rain had stopped and the sun had appeared.

Of course, there are always some who must get on top. A coffee stop and then across to the nearby disused quarries with a fine view out to sea.

Western Beacon is in the distance.  We headed down past Crebers Rock and up to Butterdon Hill.

Butterdon Hill behind us on the way up to Western Beacon.

Back down to the railway track to return to the cars.  The pub was the Cornwood Inn but contrary to what was displayed on  the sign outside it was closed so we headed to the bar at Wotter but that was closed too.  So we returned to the Devon Tors in Yelverton and whilst the food was good the beer was not!

With Jon, Roger, Terry, Darren, Dianne, Anne and Linda.

Wednesday 15th September - Four Winds

A clear cool evening for our walk.

This was the view of the setting sun as I got out of my car.

First it was down to the Merrivale stone rows.

Back to the road and down to Merrivale to take the path out around the eastern edge of Merrivale quarry - this is looking back at the quarry as the moon became visible.

Darkness descended as we walked up to Great Staple Tor.  This is across to the mast on North Hessary Tor.

Along the ridge to Roos Tor for a coffee break and then down to the ford to cross the River Walkham.  From here it was steeply uphill to almost the top of Great Mis Tor.  Lots of difficult clitter on the way.

Down the track past Little Mis Tor and on to the Plume of Feathers.

With Charles, David, Jon and Brenda

Tuesday 15th September - Roborough Down

The skies were starting to clear after a very wet night. Starting from the car park by Bedford Bridge we headed up and under Magpie viaduct.

This is towards Cox Tor and Staple Tor which were shrouded by the low cloud although pockets of sunshine started to appear.

An avenue of trees.

Another view towards Cox Tor, Staple Tor and Great Mis Tor as the cloud started to lift.

We headed towards Bera Tor where someone had spent some time constructing this seat out of dead branches.

We didn't actually go to Bera Tor but went around and below before looping onto the path which leads down to Double Waters. Stopping at Raven Tor for coffee.

On the way down to Double Waters it was decided that it might be a good idea to go through the remains of an old underground leat. The entrance is here and whilst the underground part doesn't last for very long the roof gets considerably lower as you get into it.

This is the exit to the leat.

Tom was sitting having incurred three nasty grazes to the top of his head after banging it on the low roof.
Some immediate First aid was given and a bandage applied.  The rest of the walk was abandoned and we returned to the cars. Whilst shaken up the injury was fortunately of a superficial nature  although we did take Tom to the minor injuries unit at Tavistock hospital so that it could be properly assessed and cleaned.

With Tom, Jon, Roger, Terry, Ann, Brenda and Chris

Wednesday 9th September North Hessary Tor

The evenings are drawing in. The sun was setting as we started our walk from Princetown into the twilight zone.

To the mast on North History Tor where the little tor is dwarfed by the mast

On to the top of the tor.

Great Mis Tor in the distance as we veered off right to Herne Hole Tor.

The mast light up.

Great Staple Tors in the distance.

Towards Rundlestone Tor  - the lights of Tavistock below and the mast on Caradon Hill (on Bodmin Moor) are just visible.

We wandered down to West Mead Quarry, along the track past Yellowmead Farm and then down to explore the remains of Eva's farm (which predates the quarry workings). Up through Foggintor Quarry where campers were quite surprised to see us. Back across to the railway track to return to Princetown and the Plume of Feathers.

With Jon, Mike, Stella, Brenda and Charles.

Tuesday 8th September - To Widecombe Fair

Very cool and misty as we headed up to Grimspound for the start of our walk.

Up and over the moor past the RAF Memorial.  This was the view with Hay tor in the distance and Chinkwell Tor in the middle as the cloud started to lift. Down the other side to the road.

We followed the road for a while before taking the steep climb up between Honeybag and Chinkwell Tor.

From Chinkwell Tor looking across to Hay Tor...

....and back towards Hamel Down.

Then it was down to the annual fair in Widecombe.

Good to see that Uncle Tom Cobley...

 ...and All were there too!

You can hear a version of the Widecombe Fair song by clicking this link

A Cornish folk group were performing in the beer tent.

After time to explore and suitable refreshments we took the steep climb back up to Hamel Down - Chinkwell Tor in the distance.

 Past the little memorial cross.

Flat across the top of Hamel Down.

And finally back down to Grimspound

With Stella, Brenda, Dianne, Darren, Jon and Terry.