Friday 31st August Fur Tor

A superb day for walking on Dartmoor, clear views for miles, sunshine, not too hot and a cooling breeze.

From High Down up past Arms Tor on the left.

The view back down....

...past Great Links Tor and...

...Bleak House with...

...Green Tor ahead of us.

Over Amicombe Hill and Great Kneeset ahead up a steep climb.

On the way up the view up the West Okement valley.

Great Kneeset (293) and the view north towards the West Okement valley and High Willhayes...

...and south towards Fur Tor and Little Kneeset

There is a way across here somewhere.

Little Kneeset (294) not much of a tor at all - with Fur Tor in the distance.

There are more significant granite outcrops on the northern side of the Little Kneeset...
...and also on the southern side.

Fur Tor - even steeper than it looks...

...nearly there

Fur Tor (295) known a the 'Queen of Tors' and probably the most remote tor on Dartmoor.  Remote not just because of the remote location, the difficult terrain to get there but also because it is the one furthest from any road. A variety of granite stacks on top of this steep hill.

Superb views in all directions...
...towards Great Mis Tor

...Hare Tor and Sharp Tor

...Great Links Tor

It might be really remote but we didn't have it all to ourselves as another couple of walkers came past.

Back down to cross Cut Combe Water and Amicombe Brook and back up Amicombe Hill towards Green Tor on the right and Great Links Tor and Higher and Lower Dunna Goat.

The final leg on the way down with Sharp and Hare Tors on our left.

A much longer walk than usual taking just over six and half hours and made much easier being accompanied by my good friend Terry.

Just 12 more tors left to visit!

Wednesday 29th August Postbridge

A sunny afternoon but a change in the weather on Dartmoor - cool and showery.  With no one designated to lead the walk the decision was taken to go on the north route to the waterfall.

After all the rain some of  the tracks on this part of the moor are at there wettest, most muddy and slippery as they ever get.  Our route took us over Hartland Tor on to the Beehive hut and then up to the waterfall which we all crossed with some help from Jon.  Back over Broad Down and Braddon Lake.  A few small squally showers and a near full moon contributed to the atmosphere.  Time wise a longer walk than usual.  In the Prince of Wales Mike, Stella and Charles were waiting and the big debate continued about the shape of walks in the future - whatever happens it won't suit everyone!!  On the walk Liz, Anne, Jon,Tony and David.

Tuesday 28th August North East Dartmoor

Missed my usual chums today to walk with James on the north east corner of Dartmoor. First a detour from Okehampton on the road up to the military camp and then across the side of East Hill with this view across Okehampton.

To the edge of the East Okement valley to find Ashbury Tor (285).  This is all that is visible of the tor on the ridge...

...just below in the trees is the rest of it - a cliff like formation.

From the ridge there is this view across to Belstone Tor.

Then a drive around the top of the moor to Shilstone Tor (286).  This one is next to the road and easy to get to.

 ...from Shilstone Tor with Haytor Rocks in the far distance.

Another short drive to Gidleigh Wood...

...and along the path to Gidleigh Tor (287).  The tor is in private woodland and coincidentally the owner was clearing some of the bracken around the tor.  He told me that he is always under pressure from  Dartmoor National Park to keep the tor clear of vegetation.  This one is quite good compared to many others.

Near to the tor are the remains of this little building.

The view across to Cosdon Hill

Another very short drive to the open moor and over to Scorhill Tor (288) with Kestor Rock in the distance.

Then around the boggy bit to get to Rippator or Rival Tor (289) - with Fernworthy Forest in the distance.

From here to Buttern Hill (290) with Cosdon Hill in the background

Back to the car to Skaigh and into Belstone Cleave to follow this track next to the River Taw.

Over this relatively new foot bridge

and a little further along the path is Ivy Tor (291).  Which has some ivy growing out of it and a lot more bracken on top.

Back to the car and through the village of  Belstone and back to the valley of the East Okement River and on to Cleave Tor (292).

This tor is on the opposite side of the valley to Ashbury Tor where I started this morning.

That just leaves 15 tors to visit.

Sunday 26th August Tintagel to Trebarwith Strand

Bank holiday Sunday and the only sunny day of the bank holiday.  An hours drive from home but, you wouldn't want to come here to Tintagel would you?

Well you might because less than 10 minutes walk away is Tintagel Church and...

...the coast path and not too many others come this far.

It is only forty minutes walk to Trebarwith Strand.  If you can put up with the many muddy puddles after yesterday's rain, the scenery is spectacular ...

...past the old mines...

...and on to the Port William for lunch.

The tide was in so it is just a question of waiting on the rocks for a while for it to go back out again.

Then back up the steep cliff path to burn the calories off...

...and it is fairly level once you get back to the top.

A butterfly as a bonus!

With Linda, Jess and James